What Is Wiki?

Written by S. Housley

Wiki is web server software that allows users to contribute content. Collaboration isrepparttar key to Wiki, which is designed as a powerful system for online communities to build web pages and web sites. Unlike blogs and forums, all users are allowed to contribute and edit existing content. Wiki is derived fromrepparttar 142079 Hawaiian term "wiki wiki" meaning "quick". The concept behind a Wiki is that collaboration on projects will move it along quicker.

Wikis generally allow web pages to be written, edited and created collectively in a web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and simple text. Most Wikis are open, and allow any userrepparttar 142080 ability to editrepparttar 142081 contents of a Wiki web page. While some say this opensrepparttar 142082 concept to abuse, Wiki moderators and self-policing inrepparttar 142083 Wiki sector appear to be taking hold. Wiki supporters generally feel that it is generally easier to correct mistakes than createrepparttar 142084 content from scratch. Wikipedia is a standing symbol of what many would consider a succesful Wiki.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia is a popular content encyclopedia that anyone can edit. http://www.wikipedia.com

Other topic-specific Wikis like Robin Good's RSS Wiki are proving that collaborative efforts in niche markets can work.

RSS Wiki - http://www.masternewmedia.org/reports/newsmasterstoolkit/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

It is true that Wikis are open to abuse, but by design, it is very easy for a Wiki moderator or other editor to revertrepparttar 142085 Wiki to how it appeared prior to edits, essentially rolling backrepparttar 142086 Wiki and removing any content deemed inappropriate or unrelated. Many Wikis trackrepparttar 142087 IP address of visitors and editors, making it easy to track changes and roll back any edits from individuals that appear to be abusing their privileges. In rare cases Wiki operators can protect pages, making them read-only, which restricts any edits from occurring. While such actions are againstrepparttar 142088 true Wiki philosophy, restrictions can be used to preserverepparttar 142089 structure of fully-developed Wikis and protect pages from abuse.

Dedicated Co-location Inside A Securely Monitored Bank Vault At LasVegas.Net

Written by Kimberly Freeman

LasVegas.Net now provides co-location services for those that require complete control over their server configuration in a 24 hour monitored vault facility. Co-location is when a company connects their servers torepparttar internet on our super fast fiber optic connections stored in our climate-controlled and power regulated facilities. If a company does not already posses servers, LasVegas.Net offers low-rate lease programs. Shared hosting is also available to those companies that do not require dedicated computers and do not mind sharing resources with other customers.

Cabinets are also available to customers that would likerepparttar 142034 ability to lock their equipment, have more then ten servers they wish to fit in a single housing or for isolation purposes.

Co-location gives a companyrepparttar 142035 best flexibility atrepparttar 142036 absolute lowest price. Companies get to chooserepparttar 142037 hardware configuration ofrepparttar 142038 server andrepparttar 142039 software that goes on it. We maintainrepparttar 142040 connection torepparttar 142041 Internet and environmental details such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), fire controls, air conditioning and monitoring.

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