What Is VoIP and How Does It Work

Written by Jason Morris


The way we make phone calls is changing. In fact in many circumstances things have already changed. Take long distance calls for instance, many service providers are already using a technology called Voice Over IP or VOIP for short. If you have never heard of VOIP before, thenrepparttar following article will changerepparttar 147327 way you think about how long distance phone calls are being made now, and about how all phone calls will be made inrepparttar 147328 future. Voice Over IP (VOIP) is a method for turning analogue audio signals into digital data that can be transferred overrepparttar 147329 internet.

You may be asking yourself how this is useful. Well think about it for a few seconds. If it is possible to turn analogue signals into digital data, then VOIP can turn a standard internet connection into a method for placing phone calls anywhere inrepparttar 147330 world virtually free, except for your internet service fee, enabling you to bypassrepparttar 147331 phone companies entirely.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) hasrepparttar 147332 potential to completely revolutioniserepparttar 147333 wayrepparttar 147334 worlds phone systems operate. There are many VOIP service providers that have been around for a while, and are growing steadily. Nowrepparttar 147335 worlds leading telecommunications operators are waking up torepparttar 147336 endless possibilities of this new technology, setting up VOIP calling centres aroundrepparttar 147337 world and promotingrepparttar 147338 sales of Voice Over IP phone systems.

Making a call

With VOIP phone systems it is possible to make a call in one of three ways:

ATA (gateway) The simplest way to make a VOIP phone call is throughrepparttar 147339 use of ATAs (analogue telephone adaptor) sometimes called gateways. These devices enable you to make use of your existing standard analogue phones. You simply plug your standard handset intorepparttar 147340 ATA (gateway) then connectrepparttar 147341 ATA to your computer or your internet connection, enabling you to make VOIP calls. An ATA takesrepparttar 147342 analogue signal from your standard phone and turns it into a digital signal that ready for transmission overrepparttar 147343 internet. Some ATAs (gateways) come with additional software that is loaded onto a host computer, enabling you to configure it for VOIP accurately.

IP Phones These handsets look just like normal standard handsets. They have an RJ 45 Ethernet connector instead ofrepparttar 147344 standard RJ 11 connectors. These phones have allrepparttar 147345 necessary software and hardware to handle VOIP calls already built in them. They connect directly to your router, providing a very fast and cost effective entry intorepparttar 147346 world of Voice Over IP.

Computer to computer This isrepparttar 147347 easiest way to make use ofrepparttar 147348 VOIP technology. There are many companies offering cost effective software that you can use for this type of VOIP. Usuallyrepparttar 147349 only charge you pay isrepparttar 147350 monthly one from your internet service provider, even for long distance calls. All you need is a microphone, speakers, a suitable sound card and a fast internet connection.

Chances are that you have already made a VOIP call without even realising it. The major phone companies already use VOIP to route thousands of long distance calls through a circuit switch and into an IP gateway. This is then received by a gateway atrepparttar 147351 other end and then routed to another local circuit switch. More and more companies are installing VOIP phone systems, andrepparttar 147352 technology will grow and grow until it finds its way into every business and household acrossrepparttar 147353 globe.

VoIP Features

Because with VOIP you can make calls from anywhere you have access to a broadband connection, users can take their IP phones or ATAs with them on trips and still have access to what is essentially their home phone.

Some people use a softphone to access their VOIP service. A softphone is a specially developed software application that loadsrepparttar 147354 VOIP service onto your desktop computer or laptop. Some even have an interface onrepparttar 147355 screen that looks like a traditional phone. These softphone applications allow you to place VOIP calls from your laptop; anywhere inrepparttar 147356 world you have access to a broadband connection.

Voice over IP Offers Your Business an Inexpensive Alternative To Toll Free Numbers

Written by Jason Morris

New businesses can now let their customers contact them for free or inexpensively withrepparttar use of Voice over IP telephony, without having to leaserepparttar 147326 ever more expensive toll free numbers offered by many telecoms companies aroundrepparttar 147327 world. With Voice over IP telephony, local numbers can be setup in scores of towns and cities across a country at relatively low costs. These can then connect to a central Voice over IP service provider, which will allow free or low rate calls to you from your customers.

Internet telephony or Voice over IP as it is more commonly known has been hailed asrepparttar 147328 next big thing inrepparttar 147329 telecommunications world for quite some time. Inrepparttar 147330 past it has been plagued with poor sound and connection quality, as well as complex and frustrating installations.

With huge advances in Voice over IP technology inrepparttar 147331 last few years, you no longer have to sit at your computer in order to make a phone call overrepparttar 147332 Internet using Voice over IP. It is now possible to use an ordinary phone, connected to a Voice over IP adaptor (gateway). Some specialised Voice over IP phones (IP phones) have this technology built into their circuitry, effectively allowing you to plug and play.

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