What Is This Thing Called Love?

Written by John Cali

What Is This Thing Called Love? John Cali

Since Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a week, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about love in this newsletter.

Many years ago, Joseph defined love this way:

“The choice to seerepparttar divinity in all beings.”

Atrepparttar 122159 time that didn’t make much sense to me. In fact, it made almost no sense. But overrepparttar 122160 years I’ve come to seerepparttar 122161 wisdom andrepparttar 122162 power in that definition.

The very word, “love,” often conjures up so many confusing and conflicting images and feelings in our human minds. Especially inrepparttar 122163 seemingly chaotic and trying times our planet is experiencing today.

So I asked Joseph to revisit that earlier definition of love from so long ago.

Chief Joseph

We have often usedrepparttar 122164 term “All That Is” to mean what many of you call God -- Goddess -- Great Spirit -- etc. We preferrepparttar 122165 term “All That Is” because it really says it all.

Whatever word or image you have of that divine creative energy, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that energy created every being,repparttar 122166 entire universe, and every minute particle of that universe.

And that divine creative energy is part of -- isrepparttar 122167 essence of -- everything that exists, has ever existed, or will ever exist. In other words, all that is.

God is all that is. It’s that simple.

God is you. God is your beloved family. God is your friends. God is your enemies. God is your pets. God isrepparttar 122168 animals ofrepparttar 122169 world. God isrepparttar 122170 plants growing in your garden. God isrepparttar 122171 food you eat. God isrepparttar 122172 clothes you wear. God isrepparttar 122173 country you live in. God isrepparttar 122174 countries you are at war with. God isrepparttar 122175 mountains,repparttar 122176 hills,repparttar 122177 valleys,repparttar 122178 deserts,repparttar 122179 oceans. God isrepparttar 122180 sun,repparttar 122181 moon,repparttar 122182 stars.

Who Is Randy Gage and Why Is He One of My Mentors and Heroes?

Written by Chris J Lloyd

Who is Randy Gage? I first read about him in a newsletter by his friend, and another of my mentors and heroes, Stuart Goldsmith.

At first he came across as a bit too much 'in-your-face' for my liking but, as he was challenging some of my long held beliefs, I came to realise that I was in a state of denial.

I will always be grateful to him because, by forcing me to face up to reality, I made some major breakthroughs by changing my thinking about certain issues.

If you need to get over some hang-ups that are keeping you fromrepparttar life you deserve, and you can stand a strong dose ofrepparttar 122158 truth, then Randy isrepparttar 122159 guy to tell it like it is.

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