What Is This Passion for Tanning?

Written by Rachel Stepsen

Tanned skin is very popular among gorgeous women. Everybody wants to have attractive bronzed looks. Whether you are on a date, a business trip or partying, a perfect tan can make yourepparttar center of attraction.

Having a tan is hot, and many teens and celebrities acrossrepparttar 141045 country seem to agree. Throughoutrepparttar 141046 20th century and indeed inrepparttar 141047 previous one, men and women hung out atrepparttar 141048 pool orrepparttar 141049 beach, soaking up rays to get a tan. However, withrepparttar 141050 advent of tanning beds you can enjoyrepparttar 141051 perfect tan right inrepparttar 141052 privacy of your home or saloon.

Tanning results from sunrays. The sun emits two types of radiations - UVA and UVB. UVB radiation burnsrepparttar 141053 upper layers of skin (the epidermis) causing sunburns. UVA radiation penetratesrepparttar 141054 lower layers (the dermis) and causes tanning. However, a sunbath exposes our body to unlimited and uncontrolled dose of ultraviolet radiations. Studies have proved that an overdose of these radiations can cause skin cancer.

Sunbathing is a natural process of tanning, but it takes a lot of time. The young generation is not fortunate enough to have enough free time for sunbathing as earlier generations had. Many of them may not have spare time duringrepparttar 141055 day at all.

Tanning beds and tanning lotions have emerged to help them. The tanning beds create a similar environment as underrepparttar 141056 sun. Unlike sunrays, however, a tanning bed controlsrepparttar 141057 amount and nature of rays. This ensures thatrepparttar 141058 harmful effects of radiation are controlled. This is a great advantage of tanning beds and you can enjoyrepparttar 141059 perfect tan without exposing your skin to harmful radiation.

4 Basic Principles for Pool and Water Safety

Written by Kathy Alexander


Never leave a young child unattended for even a second. Toddlers are naturally curious explorers and a second is all it takes for them to find trouble that may end in tragedy. According torepparttar Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 75% of submersion victims were between 1 and 3 years old. Never assume another adult is watching your children, you must take full responsibility of their safety, particularly around water. When your child goes missing, always checkrepparttar 141011 water first. At social activities, designate an adult asrepparttar 141012 ‘official water watcher’ to help keep allrepparttar 141013 children in attendance safe from harm.


Obstacles must be put in place to keep toddlers safe around pools and water. Little ones learn new skills daily! One day they may only be able to sit, whenrepparttar 141014 next day they are crawling and able to get into trouble quickly. It takes less thanrepparttar 141015 time spent answeringrepparttar 141016 telephone for a toddler to get through an unlocked door, get torepparttar 141017 pool, and drown. . It is imperative that a mesh type fence completely surroundsrepparttar 141018 pool with a minimum height of 48 inches. This pool safety fence should separate your home fromrepparttar 141019 pool and gates should remain locked when not in use. Take care not to provide climbable objects nearrepparttar 141020 fence that would allow an adventurous toddler to climb intorepparttar 141021 dangerous pool area alone.

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