What Is High Speed Internet Service?

Written by Rick D. Monroe

The days of slow internet connections are gradually coming to an end. Internet users are increasingly finding sources for "high speed" internet access which makes loading pages and performing downloads much faster.

What is high speed internet service? High speed internet service refers to any internet service that transfers data faster than your standard 56K telephone modem. However, high speed internet can be divided into two broad groups which for our purposes here we will call "high speed internet" and Broadband.

By this definition, "High speed internet" service uses your standard telephone dial-up modem to accessrepparttar internet and ties uprepparttar 149825 telephone line while you are onrepparttar 149826 net. However, this high speed internet service is typically 4 to 5 times faster than your standard dial-up service asrepparttar 149827 result of "data compression". Typically you will pay around $5.00 more per month for high speed internet service than you will for standard dial-up service. Some internet service providers, such as AOL and Netscape, offer high speed service at no extra charge.

In comparison, broadband uses DSL (Digital Service Line), cable, satellite, or radio towers to accessrepparttar 149828 internet. Onlike "high speed internet", broadband does not tie up your telephone line while you are onrepparttar 149829 net, is up to 70 times faster than standard dial-up service and is always online. There is no need to wait for your modem to dial

Build SEO Links

Written by Joel Walsh

Many website owners and SEOs (search engine optimizers) believe that trading links isrepparttar most effective way to buildrepparttar 149750 hundreds of links necessary for good search-engine ranking. But there's another way to build links that deserves your attention: content distribution.

A time-honored way of getting one-way inbound links to your website is to distribute content, usually articles, for other websites to publish in exchange for a backlink. Most often,repparttar 149751 backlink is included in an "author's resource box," which is a brief "aboutrepparttar 149752 author" paragraph promotingrepparttar 149753 author's site.

Content distribution has usually been thought of as a website promotion strategy rather than an SEO or link-building strategy. But there are good reasons for adding content distribution to your SEO toolkit.

SEO Benefits of Distributing Content vs. Reciprocal Linking Alone

* Links come faster. You send an email with your article to a relevant website owner. That's it. No adding links to your site and then checking and re-checking for compliance. That means you can get more links fromrepparttar 149754 time and resources you spend on link-building.

* Links are not always available through reciprocal linking. Many website owners simply refuse to do reciprocal linking. Content distribution is one way to reach this large segment of website owners.

* Links are one-way. Many SEO experts believe that reciprocal links may be "dampened" byrepparttar 149755 search engines; i.e., they will not help you rank as high as one-way links. Of course, reciprocal links are still valuable, there's a just a question of how valuable they really are.

* Links per page are fewer. Many SEO experts believe thatrepparttar 149756 higherrepparttar 149757 number of links per page,repparttar 149758 less SEO value each link has. When a website publishes an article,repparttar 149759 author's backlink is oftenrepparttar 149760 only live link to another website on that page.

Distinct Non-SEO Benefits of Distributing Content

What makes content distribution a truly special method of link building is that it'srepparttar 149761 only method whererepparttar 149762 non-SEO benefits may even outweighrepparttar 149763 SEO benefits:

* Website building. If you create special content for your link-building campaign, you can publish it on your site. As a general rule,repparttar 149764 more content your site has,repparttar 149765 more search engine traffic it will receive. Just publishrepparttar 149766 article and get it indexed in search engines before distributing it, which should help you to outrank your republishers in search engines for that same content.

* Traffic generation. The links in distributed content generate traffic inrepparttar 149767 form of highly qualified leads: people who liked what you had to say. Distributing content gets you traffic even when it doesn't get you a link. If your article gets picked up by a large-circulation email newsletter, you will get a flood of highly qualified traffic.

* Authority. Distributing content isrepparttar 149768 only linking campaign method that can makerepparttar 149769 recipient website and its owners appear authoritative. There are thousands of internet gurus who owe their lucrative reputations entirely torepparttar 149770 articles they've distributed.

* Mindshare. Distributing articles isrepparttar 149771 only linking campaign method that can help you spread an idea. This makes article distribution invaluable for launching new products or services.

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