What Is Google Poodle & How It Will Help You

Written by Jean Sutherland

This is an extremely useful tool that will help you get an idea of how your site will look in google search engine results. See how search-engine friendly your site is, and canrepparttar spider crawl it easily? This will determine whether or not you will get good rankings.

By using Google Poodle you will avoid making errors that can stop your site from getting a good listing. It will also show whether or not you have a useless description of your site inrepparttar 119335 search engine results.

What Poodle tries to do is duplicaterepparttar 119336 rules used by major search engines as they spider your site. Of course it can't be exact due to different algorithms used by different engines but it does give you some insight into where you need to make some corrections.

With over 80% of people coming to your site through search engines this is something you can not afford to pass up as one of your most useful tools in search engine optimization.

What Poodle attempts to do is to show you 4 different views of how your website is viewed by search engines. The spider view will show results that show what you would see in a search engine if you searched for your site by URL.

3 Steps To Increasing Your Web traffic for Free

Written by Richard Martin

You own a website and you want more traffic. More traffic will lead to more sales and more ad revenue. The basic costs of a website, once it is finished, are small. All you need to do is get some more visitors. Pay per Click might not be economical for you in that 100 visitors at 10 cents a click is $10. If only 2 out of 100 buy your $1 product, you are losing $8 per hundred people. Next.

So, this is what you do.

First, sign up forrepparttar Free Link Exchange Coop at Digital Point. This isrepparttar 119334 best free deal going. It is a 'weight based' system. The more weight your site brings torepparttar 119335 Coop,repparttar 119336 more your ad is shown onrepparttar 119337 Coop Network. Amazing way of developing backlinks and getting advertising placement atrepparttar 119338 same time. As time goes on and you get more backlinks from other sources, your weight will increase. As your site grows in popularity you get more credit inrepparttar 119339 weight system.

Second, get an account at LinkSwapper. The service is free and it helps you get and manage a reciprocal link campaign. There are identical services to this that cost $20/mo, but this isrepparttar 119340 best deal because it is free always. If you are reading this, I'm sure you already know that search engines like sites with a lot of “backlinks” (links from other sites to yours). Word torepparttar 119341 wise,repparttar 119342 actual text ofrepparttar 119343 link shouldn't be YourSite.com. Use one of your keywords inrepparttar 119344 text. If you sell DVDs by mail,repparttar 119345 text of your link on another site should be “Comedy DVDs” or “Action DVDs”, not StevesDvdStore.com.

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