What Is Cat 5 Cable?

Written by Dave Moore

Defining what is Cat 5 wiring is a difficult task for your average person. Although many people have heard about Cat 5 wiring, most of them have no idea exactly what it is. Cat 5 stands for Category 5 wiring, which is currently top ofrepparttar line. It was created to surpassrepparttar 146651 Cat 3 wiring which could only handle 10 Mbps. The Cat 5 wiring also supports sound frequencies up to 100 MHz. Category 5 cables can handle up to 100 Mbps, almost 10 times that of regular Cat 3 cables. The cabling has 4 twisted sets of copper wires which connect to RJ45 connectors.

The reason that many people ask what is cat 5 wiring is because they've heard ofrepparttar 146652 Cat 5 patch. The Cat 5 wiring patch is a method used to greatly increaserepparttar 146653 capabilities ofrepparttar 146654 Cat 5 wiring. When you have patched a Cat 5 cable, making it effectively more twisted you can achieve almost 10 timesrepparttar 146655 power, a whooping 1000Mbps. This allows for a much greater information transfer rate which is how technologies like high speed internet were formed.

Computer Hygiene - Take Out The Trash!

Written by Earl Gooch

Do you find that your computer exhibits one or more ofrepparttar following behaviors?

- Inexplicable message or warning pop-ups

- Frequent unsolicited reboots

- Your favorite application often crashes

- Applications now start up sluggishly

- Your computer seems to take forever to boot up

- You find new software running which you did not expressly install, and you cannot explain it's existance

Your computer may simply have become cluttered with software to such a degree that all those programs now fight with each other for resources, or a particular type of software installed (with malicious intent or otherwise) could produce adverse side effects and may even compromise your system's health and security. Even if your PC does not appear to suffer from any ofrepparttar 146390 symptoms above, chances are over time one or more of these issues will surface.

So where should we look to findrepparttar 146391 root cause of such problems? In short, we can attribute this abnormal behavior to:

1) Our not being vigilant in monitoringrepparttar 146392 list of software running (or not running) on our system

2) Not being sufficiently mindful of howrepparttar 146393 installed software got there and why

Let me explain further. When one purchases a computer (or you inherit that “hand-me-down” from your relative) you will typically find a potpourri of software already installed. Furthermore, you will probably never use 80% of it. In addition, you may find yourself unable to resistrepparttar 146394 temptation to download and install freeware/shareware fromrepparttar 146395 internet.

All too often we really do not needrepparttar 146396 programs we download, but refraining from doing so can be difficult due torepparttar 146397 software's enticing promo. And regardless ofrepparttar 146398 utility of these programs, many times we don't bother to uninstall them, thinking we may find a use for them inrepparttar 146399 future.

Just recently while browsing through a forum, I saw a post withrepparttar 146400 following opening line: I just had to reformatrepparttar 146401 family computer forrepparttar 146402 second time in three months because of my brother's blatant ignorance of general computer hygiene. I can assure you that such behavior is commonplace. The various computers in my own home are a prime example. On numerous occasions my two children, who byrepparttar 146403 way, are old enough to know better, downloaded and installed software which essentially rendered their PCs unusable, thus costing me hours of work to get them back into working condition.

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