What Is An MLM Sponsor?

Written by Paul Pierce of www.mlmcoach.net

WHAT IS A SPONSOR? by Paul Pierce of www.mlmcoach.net

Are you a recruiter? Or are you a sponsor? There is a big difference. A recruiter is effective at “signing up” people, and then moving on to “sign up” others. The recruiter seems to be in a frantic search to find superstars amongrepparttar crowd, and his way to “find” them is to “sign them up” and then watch and wait. The recruiter believes in “love ‘em and leave ‘em. He expectsrepparttar 147889 superstars to eventually rise torepparttar 147890 top, andrepparttar 147891 others to eventually quit. The sponsor has a different attitude. He believes that any person worth sponsoring is worth developing. The sponsor believes in “marrying”repparttar 147892 people he sponsors. The recruiter believes inrepparttar 147893 “one-night-stand”. Being a sponsor is an ongoing, continuing activity. It is this ongoing activity that creates loyalty torepparttar 147894 sponsor, and givesrepparttar 147895 sponsor serious credibility. The recruiter is a traveling salesman; once he has sold you, he is gone. The sponsor is a helper/teacher who wants you to haverepparttar 147896 training and tools you need to be successful, andrepparttar 147897 encouragement to keep plugging.

There is also a transferable concept here. Your sponsor wants you to be a sponsor. A sponsor develops other sponsors by deliberate, careful help and encouragement. A recruiter expects a born superstar.

I have six sons. Each time that I went torepparttar 147898 hospital nursery, I was a proud father of a baby boy. As I looked at those babies in that nursery, they each had a card that read either “boy” or “girl”. Not one of those cards read “superstar”. In all those trips torepparttar 147899 nursery, I never found one superstar. Superstars are “made”, they are not “born”. They are “developed”. Making a superstar takes training, encouragement, help, patience, and time. It takes being a sponsor. What does it take to become a superstar? It take a lot of attitude-type things, such as confidence, commitment, determination, credibility, etc. Where do these “attitude” type things come from? They are learned. They are taught. They are “caught”. Here arerepparttar 147900 stages ofrepparttar 147901 development of a superstar.

MLM Business- The 7 Business Factors of an MLM Business

Written by Doug Firebaugh

So many people askrepparttar same question: Is Multi Level Marketing a REAL Business? Is it truly a business that can produce a living and income? Is it a REAL distribution business? It is a business that operates forrepparttar 147608 customer's satisfaction, and always looks to gain new customers?

Here isrepparttar 147609 answer: YES.

How and why does it qualify as a business? Every business has certain traits and functions that are needed to do business and stay in business. We have developed what we callrepparttar 147610 "7 Business Factors Test", and you have to ask these questions to see if it qualifies as a business. All businesses, no matter whether it is a traditional business or a non-traditional business, (such as MLM), answer these questions inrepparttar 147611 affirmative.

What arerepparttar 147612 "7 Business Factors Test" Questions?

1) Doesrepparttar 147613 MLM Business distribute goods and services of some type?

Answer: Yes.

In MLM, there are goods and services that are distributed through personal distribution methods, and they are distributed directly torepparttar 147614 customer, with no middle man. These goods and services can be manufactured byrepparttar 147615 MLM company, but usually are not. The goods and services many times are manufactured by an outside source, and then shipped byrepparttar 147616 MLM Business torepparttar 147617 customer or distributor. Thenrepparttar 147618 distributor can takerepparttar 147619 goods, and re-sell them to their customers as well.

2) Doesrepparttar 147620 MLM Business have an official Office, headquarters, or structure thatrepparttar 147621 business is operated out of, and with an address of some type?

Answer: Yes.

All MLM businesses should have some kind of office or headquarters thatrepparttar 147622 goods are shipped from, or at least in charge ofrepparttar 147623 shipments getting torepparttar 147624 customer. This does not have to be a fancy office, but one that can get allrepparttar 147625 tasks needed to runrepparttar 147626 business done in a timely fashion. They should have a visible address on all communication.

The distributor's business is usually operated out ofrepparttar 147627 home, and that counts as a structure thatrepparttar 147628 home business is housed.

3) Is there an accounting structure that is set up to runrepparttar 147629 business effectively and legally?

Answer: Yes.

All MLM businesses should have an accounting function and personnel set up to handle all business transactions. They not only keeprepparttar 147630 books forrepparttar 147631 MLM Business itself, but alsorepparttar 147632 MLM distributor as well. The MLM Business fromrepparttar 147633 home should have some form of an accounting system, for tax purposes, and for profit and loss statements. Accounting also helps keeprepparttar 147634 Company and distributor aware ofrepparttar 147635 health ofrepparttar 147636 business and how it is doing, or not doing.

4) Doesrepparttar 147637 MLM Business have easy communication to get a hold of someone if needed?

Answer: Yes.

Communication isrepparttar 147638 lifeblood of any business, and MLM is no exception. MLM Businesses usually not only have an order line, and a distributor line, but a general public telephone number thatrepparttar 147639 public can get in touch with them as well. Usually atrepparttar 147640 MLM Business Office, there is someone to answerrepparttar 147641 phone as well.

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