What Is American Interventionism Really About?

Written by Brian McAfee

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What Is American Interventionism Really About?

By Brian McAfee

The war is, forrepparttar most part, over. Iraq has been liberated,repparttar 132543 country is in a shambles but Halliburton is on hand to rebuild. Most ofrepparttar 132544 troops are back home or on their way. With apparently overwhelming public support, why were those Pesky demonstrators out there? All acrossrepparttar 132545 U.S., in Europe, in India, pretty much everywhere. After all, isn't Saddam Hussein repparttar 132546 most evil man on earth, a blight onrepparttar 132547 planet? Well, yes he is, as are Osama bin Laden,repparttar 132548 Taliban, Manuel Noriega. All bad bad men, with one thing in common- 20 years ago we (the U.S.) armed, trained and financed them.

Manuel Noriega was a well paid CIA man, "our man in Panama" as it were. Heavily involved with cocaine trafficking, he was convicted and imprisoned in '89 after a closed door trial, leaving a cloud overrepparttar 132549 CIA of apparent involvement of drug smuggling and involvement inrepparttar 132550 crack epidemic in our inner cities. Osama bin Laden first surfaced in Afghanistan in 1979 withrepparttar 132551 U.S. armed trained and financed Mujahideen, a violent group of Islamic fundamentalists. They overthrewrepparttar 132552 Soviet supported government in Kabul and replaced it with a number of successive theocracies notorious for their human rights abuses and treatment of women and girls. They evolved intorepparttar 132553 Taliban. The green jacket bin Laden has been seen in since 9/11 is a U.S. military issue fromrepparttar 132554 days of his partnership withrepparttar 132555 U.S. when he was fighting againstrepparttar 132556 other "Great Satan",repparttar 132557 Soviet Union. The current situation brings us torepparttar 132558 50 year mark of excessive intervention that has resulted in massive bloodshed throughoutrepparttar 132559 third world.

In 1953,repparttar 132560 elected president of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh, decided to nationalize his country's oil supply, forrepparttar 132561 usual reasons, infrastructure, health care, and education. This, of course, outragedrepparttar 132562 U.S. and Great Britain who of course thoughtrepparttar 132563 oil was theirs. After a short time it was. They instilledrepparttar 132564 Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who lived a life of indulgence forrepparttar 132565 next 25 years. The SAVAK,repparttar 132566 Shah's secret police which had close ties torepparttar 132567 CIA, any perceived threat or demonstrations for democracy were met with imprisonment, torture and sometimes death. Underrepparttar 132568 guidance ofrepparttar 132569 CIA, leftists wererepparttar 132570 primary target for SAVAK and in 1979 whenrepparttar 132571 Islamists swept to power underrepparttar 132572 Ayatolla Khomeini, there was littlerepparttar 132573 Shah or SAVAK could do about it. They fled torepparttar 132574 U.S. In '54 another elected president, Jacobo Arbenz, decided it would be a good idea to nationalize some ofrepparttar 132575 unused land in Guatemala, one ofrepparttar 132576 poorest countries inrepparttar 132577 world,repparttar 132578 land though not being used, was claimed by United Fruit a U.S. owned company that was underrepparttar 132579 control of U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. And, you guessed it,repparttar 132580 elected president had to flee. Guatemala has been run by a military dictatorship. Over a hundred thousand poor and indigenous people have been killed and our bananas are cheap.

Inrepparttar 132581 Congo in 1960repparttar 132582 U.S. had a problem, there was a new political leader onrepparttar 132583 rise, and he was concerned about poverty and justice in his country. They had just come out ofrepparttar 132584 racist and colonial yoke. The CIA got on it. The next year Patrice Lumumba was dead andrepparttar 132585 U.S. had another dictator in Mobutu. Indonesia in '65 was probably an exciting place to be, colorful, politically lively, a strong left and an equally strong right and a charismatic if somewhat bizarre president Sukarno was leading a fledgling democracy. Indonesia, even then, was a major oil producer. Of courserepparttar 132586 U.S. government was concerned andrepparttar 132587 CIA was quite active, a little too active, they planted a story of an eminent communist takeover and gaverepparttar 132588 right wing military a list of "communists" that they wanted dead. The military and Suharto dictatorship exceededrepparttar 132589 list by between half a million to a million in one ofrepparttar 132590 worst massacres ofrepparttar 132591 20th century. (Sukarno having been kicked out ofrepparttar 132592 presidency inrepparttar 132593 U.S. planned and sponsored coup). Ten years laterrepparttar 132594 Indonesia story takes another turn. East Timor,repparttar 132595 newly independent former Portuguese colony is under threat from Indonesia. The U.S. gives a green light for a takeover to Indonesia, giving them U.S. weapons and their blessing in a state visit [Ford and Kissinger] as their plane is leavingrepparttar 132596 tarmacrepparttar 132597 Indonesian military makes its move invadingrepparttar 132598 poor island made up of very poor Aboriginal people. The Indonesian military being very cruel, over time killed about 200 thousand ofrepparttar 132599 island's 800 thousand inhabitants.

How Enemies Can Become Best Friends

Written by Keith Varnum

Can so-called "natural enemies"-wild bears, wolves and mountain lions-live together as friends? Or, will they fight, maim or kill each other? A very special wildlife park shares an " unbelievable" story about how one member of a group can transformrepparttar consciousness of a whole community. In this case,repparttar 132541 one was an Arizona gray wolf.

"Your Friends are Wild, Dude!"

Onrepparttar 132542 outskirts of Phoenix, an eclectic assortment of wild animals live at "Out of Africa" (www.outofafricapark.com). This wild beast and reptile sanctuary is host to large predatory cats such as lions, tigers, cougars, leopards plus a menagerie of other wild creatures including 16 foot pythons, ancient tortoises, exotic birds and giant lizards. This extraordinary educational center enthralls audiences with live interactions between wild animals and people. In some animal encounters, audience members are invited to spontaneously pet and play withrepparttar 132543 critters. "We wanted to do things in a non-traditional way," states founder, Dean Harrison. "Our objectives focused on co- existing withrepparttar 132544 wildest of all large land predators. Atrepparttar 132545 park we work hard to teach kindness to allrepparttar 132546 cats, so that when they grow up and a hierarchy develops,repparttar 132547 ruler will be a benevolent one."

Close torepparttar 132548 Heart

Dean and his wife, Prayeri, often share a bed with some ofrepparttar 132549 large furry felines who can weigh over 600 pounds. The trusting couple never carry any weapons or physical means of defense. The results of this intimate connection are countless incidences of these creatures exhibiting intelligent, caring behavior towardsrepparttar 132550 Harrisons. (You can read about a heart-stopping encounter involving Dean, a black panther named Eclipse, and a lioness called Sahara, at www.outofafricapark.com/oldhtml/wild.html.) Soon Dean and Prayeri discovered that their own benevolent style of living and playing with lions and tigers-species other than their own-influenced other species that are not usually best friends. Remarkably, several "natural adversaries" inrepparttar 132551 park opened torepparttar 132552 idea of living together peacefully.

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