What Is A Heart Treadmill?

Written by Tim Gorman

A heart treadmill, used by physicians to determine their patients' heart health, is not always an accurate cardiac problem indicator, according to some studies.

While a heart treadmill can tell if men with no current heart difficulties may be destined for cardiovascular episodes somewhere in their future, it may not be a good test of heart troubles in women. Becauserepparttar heart-related events for these women are so few statistics cannot be considered meaningful.

Tests using a heart treadmill are not usually conducted by doctors for patients who are asymptomatic of heart problems, in any case. One reason for this is that insurance carriers will not reiumburse a patient for these charges if her doctor sees no cardiac symptoms.

A heart treadmill is used by physicians to indicate how a patient's heart acts during exercise. While a patient undergoes stress tests on a heart treadmill she or he is hooked up to electrodes. These are connected to devices called leads which are connected to an EKG (electrocardiogram) and a monitor, that delivers a printed as well as visual look atrepparttar 147128 patient's hearts' reaction torepparttar 147129 exercise.

Handy Consumer Guide Best Buy Treadmill Evaluators

Written by Tim Gorman

Consumer Search is an online forum that basically reviewsrepparttar consumer guide best buy treadmill reviewers. The site takes a look at each treadmill reviewer and evaluatesrepparttar 147127 usefulness ofrepparttar 147128 consumer guide best buy treadmill review.

Consumer Search looked at, for instance, at Consumer Reports. The Consumer Search evaluation of this helpful buying guide is positive. Explaining Consumer Report's consumer guide best buy treadmill determination,repparttar 147129 site tells us that whilerepparttar 147130 magazine doesn't go into details on all its testing it does offer a review of a wide variety of treadmills, from a low price range of $400 torepparttar 147131 top-end $3500 models. 22 treadmills have been evaluated in this report, dividingrepparttar 147132 evaluations into those treadmills that best fitrepparttar 147133 needs of runners, those best for walkers, andrepparttar 147134 ideal treadmills for folks who want to do a little of running and walking both. In this evaluation Consumer Reports declares some mechanically-challenged treadmills as lemons.

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