What If TV News Had Covered D-Day?

Written by Rusty Cawley

Imagine: What if today’s American TV news had been there to cover D-Day, June 6, 1944?

“Good morning, this is Peter Jennings at ABC News in Washington with this special report. The War Department is confirming this morning that Operation Overlord,repparttar Allied invasion of Normandy, is now in motion. Unfortunately,repparttar 126031 news fromrepparttar 126032 battleground is grim for American forces. Despite attacking withrepparttar 126033 largest military force in history,repparttar 126034 Allies appear to have lost this battle before it has begun. We start our coverage with reporter Terry Moran, who is embedded with U.S. Army forces at a stretch of Normandy thatrepparttar 126035 War Department has designated ‘Omaha Beach.’”

Terry Moran: “Peter, here at Omaha Beach, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. The Allies sent 29 amphibious support vehicles to this site. Of those, 27 have sunk. We are pinned down by German gunfire. In addition, we now knowrepparttar 126036 entire beach is heavily mined along its six-mile expanse. Observers tell us they expect that more than 2,400 Allied soldiers will die inrepparttar 126037 next few hours. We now go to reporter Martha Raddatz, who is embedded with forces at Utah Beach.”

Martha Raddatz: “News is no better forrepparttar 126038 Allies here at Utah Beach. A navigational error placed Allied forces several miles torepparttar 126039 north of their intended landing site. As a result,repparttar 126040 Allies are running into less resistance than expected, but they are also givingrepparttar 126041 Germans an opportunity to strengthen their defenses beforerepparttar 126042 attack is joined. It appears thatrepparttar 126043 Allies have committedrepparttar 126044 crucial mistake that will cost themrepparttar 126045 war. Now we shift to Juno Beach and reporter Dan Harris.”

Dan Harris: “Here at Juno Beach,repparttar 126046 Allies are having to deal more with reefs and shoals than with bullets and grenades. The landing crafts arrived too late to avoid these natural barriers. As a result, an estimated 30 percent ofrepparttar 126047 crafts have been crushed before they could reachrepparttar 126048 shoreline. The Allies likely will suffer 1,200 dead on this beach alone as Operation Overlord stumbles onward. Back to you, Peter Jennings.”

Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage.

Written by Arthur Snell

And who ruffled my feathers? My state legislators did when they voted in favor of a bill costing $3m to produce curriculum materials for our public schools. So what’s wrong with that?

All members ofrepparttar legislature, both republicans and democrats, voted in favor…withrepparttar 126030 exception of a single republican senator who felt that it was none of their business. He is right. Their job is to finance public education not to produce curriculum materials.

How could this have happened at a time when over 6% of our labor force is unemployed and we are in a severe and prolonged economic down-turn? There are several possibilities: ·The media failed to keep us informed.

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