What I would include in a Coaching Book

Written by Stephanie Tuia

A coach is an essential figure in providing direction and leadership to his/her team. In sports, coaches are sometimes evaluated onrepparttar number of wins they can produce. In a business setting, coaches are evaluated on how efficient they are in providing a healthy work environment for employees.

I have never been a coach myself, but as an avid athlete, I have had many coaches alongrepparttar 137838 way who have had different approaches as to how they would direct and lead their team. From an athletic standpoint, I have gathered some positive observations of some of my former coaches, and also some tips that I would have appreciated from some ofrepparttar 137839 coaches whom I have encountered. These suggestions would serve useful inside a successful coaching book.

Instill a disciplined program.

I learned from one of my coachesrepparttar 137840 importance of physical conditioning. While playing our sport was an easy passion, intense conditioning for it was dreadful. My coach instilled a workout program involving running for endurance, and weight-lifting for strength. Before our practice, we had to participate in conditioning workouts. From this, our overall performance improved. A good coach incorporates various physical regimes to keep his/her players in shape and ready to play.

Keeprepparttar 137841 negativity out.

Part of being a good athlete is having a good attitude. Pure talent can get a team far, but when individual players become arrogant, their negative attitude could easily override their physical performance. A coach should admonish his players onrepparttar 137842 importance of good sportsmanship. Overconfidence can easily terminate a teamís chance of winning.

How Leaders Create Trust

Written by Steve Kaye

People buy from you, offer help, and grant rewards based on trust. Here are ways to increase your success by creating trust. While we do most of these things, missing even one of them can ruin it all.

Be Dependable * Deliver what you promise and promise only what you can deliver. Report delays immediately. * Be on time. Leave early for appointments. Set realistic deadlines allowing forrepparttar unexpected. * Show courtesy by returning phone calls. * Be predictable. Use self control: anger repels and scares others.

Listen * Show interest and respect by paying attention to whatrepparttar 137591 other person is saying. *†Ask questions. Then make it easy to answer them. * Acceptrepparttar 137592 other person's ideas as valid, even if you disagree. Avoid listening through filters of what you want to hear. * Be open to new ideas. Realize that you could always know more.

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