What Happens To The Spammer?

Written by Richard Lowe

Sometimes it's difficult to understand why spamming is considered one ofrepparttar most vile sins onrepparttar 132803 internet. After all, what harm does an extra email or two cause? And even ifrepparttar 132804 spammer is reported or caught, who cares? I mean, what happens to a spammer anyway?

We've all heard people say, "well, why not just hitrepparttar 132805 delete key?" I used to takerepparttar 132806 time to try and explainrepparttar 132807 problem to these people, but I've since realized that there is a brand of ignorance which cannot be penetrated by reason or logic. Now I just nod and smile, and changerepparttar 132808 subject.

Spam would not be so bad if it was just one or two emails now and then. Unfortunately, it's not just one person sending an unsolicited advertisement once a month - it's hundreds or even thousands. Andrepparttar 132809 emails are virtually always regarding some scam, a useless product or, very often, some pornographic or money making scheme. I've received tens of thousands of spam emails overrepparttar 132810 years, and not once has any of them ever been of value.

I don't understand why spammers don't getrepparttar 132811 message that their emails are unwanted. Why do they keep sending out their useless advertisements? Do people actually purchase anything from them? Do these people really make money?

Okay, so what happens to spammers anyway?

Your amateur spammer must feel very much like a criminal does. You see, they must hide their identities in any number of devious ways to prevent their ISP and web hosts from shutting them down. New laws are being passed which make these people into real criminals, making it even more important that they remain hidden.

1) When an ISP or web host begins receiving dozens of spam reports on someone using their services, they will typically cancel first and ask questions later. Thus, your average spammer is constantly losing his hosting services and always searching for another ISP. He has to - he keeps getting kicked out when his misdeeds is discovered.

"Can The Spam!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Many of you were very concerned atrepparttar enormous increase in junk email, estimated to have grown about 42% during 2001, andrepparttar 132802 seemingly non-stop invasion of X-rated email.

Analysts predict thatrepparttar 132803 volume of email onrepparttar 132804 Internet, most of it junk, will grow another 50 percent in 2002.

That is a lot of email!

With estimates thatrepparttar 132805 number of Internet users is nearingrepparttar 132806 1 billion mark,repparttar 132807 amount of email floating aroundrepparttar 132808 Internet is only going to get worse.

Many of you have asked if there is any sure-fire cure for all this junk email that we receive right now and any more that may appear this year.

The short answer - Yes.

Make good use of your delete button! :-)

The long answer is - No.

No, there is no 100 percent cure forrepparttar 132809 spam that plagues us all, X-rated or not. But there are several ways to try and alleviate this problem.

Most email programs, including Microsoft's Outlook Express, have custom filtering features that are built intorepparttar 132810 program but which are, more often than not, very much unused.

The big problem in using ANY email filter system is that they may cause blocking of legitimate email.

Basically, you can set up filters to remove email that comes from a specific email address or set it up to block email which contains certain key words in eitherrepparttar 132811 Subject section or inrepparttar 132812 Body ofrepparttar 132813 message.

Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later also have filtering ability but Netscape Navigator does not have filtering ability. And Eudora 3.0 and above can also filter your email.

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