What EVERYONE Wants on the Internet!

Written by A.T.Rendon

It does not matter what you are looking for onrepparttar Internet because everyone wantsrepparttar 131953 same thing.

Whether you are trying to find out about:

apples, business, cats, dogs, energy, food, garbage, health, insurance, jersey, knowledge, love, manuals, neon, orbits, people, queens, rubies, stars, town, ushers, valets, women, x-rays, yahoo orrepparttar 131954 zoo.

EVERYONE wantsrepparttar 131955 same thing:

1. To find more INFORMATION on a subject.

2. To find PEOPLE with similar interests.

Basically, what you want to establish is your own personal community of information and people.

Some refer to this as your niche or target audience.

Where does your search begin?

The question gave yourepparttar 131956 answer; start your research with your favorite search engine.

1. Search Engines and Directories.

Top Ten Search Engines: http://emailexchange.org/promo2.html

I use Google. http://www.google.com.

That is where I begin my research.

Then, I suggest you hit at leastrepparttar 131957 top 5 Search Engines And Directories.

For a list, via Auto-Responder, ofrepparttar 131958 "Top 10 Search Engines and Directories!"

Send a blank email message to: mailto:Top10SE@emailexchange.org

Here isrepparttar 131959 List ofrepparttar 131960 Top 5:

1. Google: http://www.google.com.

2. Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com

3. AltaVista: http://www.altavista.com

4. Excite: http://www.excite.com

5. AOL: http://www.aol.com

Reviewrepparttar 131961 Top 10 results ofrepparttar 131962 "keywords" used in your search. Do it from each ofrepparttar 131963 Top 5 Search Engines above.

This will give you a solid lead to begin your quest. Because your next task is to visit those 50 web sites.

Weed outrepparttar 131964 useless or dead links. Begin to form your community.

Bookmark all web sites that hold interest and promise.

When did you first discoverrepparttar 131965 Internet?

It is a mysterious, scary, exciting, fun, never-ending adventure that is full of daily learning experiences.

Whatever reason brought you torepparttar 131966 Internet, be it personal business, curiosity. you will soon discover thatrepparttar 131967 Internet is all about communication.

In fact,repparttar 131968 Internet = Global Communication.

And,repparttar 131969 foundation of that Communication, is email.

Therefore your next step is to reach out and "touch" that [ "community of people" ] you seek by sending email.

ALWAYS without resorting to SPAM.

Because it is against Internet rules and because it creates more problems that it solves. SPAM is out.

Withrepparttar 131970 list from above, decide if it is important to your quest to contactrepparttar 131971 web masters of each web site.

Developing Tutorial Courses for Autoresponder Delivery

Written by Jill Black

Developing tutorial courses to offer at your web site is an excellent way to promote yourself, business and your web site.

A good tutorial is one that is unique in some respect and must contain valuable information or your reader/s will unsubscribe.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to create an ezine, email marketing etc so brainstorm for something unique that represents your site, your product, or a specific skill you can teach people.

Always keep in mind thatrepparttar aim of any tutorial course, first and foremost, should always be to teach, inform and provide quality information of interest for your target audience throughrepparttar 131951 sharing of your knowledge onrepparttar 131952 subjects you are familiar with.

These courses *can* be invaluable for pre-selling your readers on your products if they are done right...

Developing your course

Decide on a subject then create your lesson plan.

Begin by making a list of topics and then depending onrepparttar 131953 number of topics separate each into an individual course lesson.

For example: five topics will become five lessons, ten topics ten lessons and so on.

Followrepparttar 131954 same format for each of your lessons.

Inrepparttar 131955 first lesson outlinerepparttar 131956 course contents and what they can hope to learn duringrepparttar 131957 course ofrepparttar 131958 lessons.

Give each lesson a number.

Each lesson should have a title.

Follow withrepparttar 131959 actual lesson.

Throughout your course you can refer to your product/s and how it can help them solve a problem withinrepparttar 131960 context ofrepparttar 131961 topic under discussion. Never however, use your course forrepparttar 131962 blatant advertising of your products and services or it will be a quick click onrepparttar 131963 unsubcribe button.

Atrepparttar 131964 end of each lesson give highlights of what to expect inrepparttar 131965 next lesson. Keep it interesting so subscribers will look forward torepparttar 131966 arrival ofrepparttar 131967 next installment.

Once you have completed your written courserepparttar 131968 next step is to sign up for a follow-up autoresponder capable of delivering your lessons at pre-determined intervals. This can be every day, or perhaps every second day for as many days required.

Autoresponders are available from

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