"What EVERYONE Wants on the Internet!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

It does not matter what you are looking for onrepparttar Internet.because everyone wantsrepparttar 125254 same thing.

Whether you are trying to find out about:

apples, business, cats, dogs, energy, food, garbage, health, insurance, jersey, knowledge, love, manuals, neon, orbits, people, queens, rubies, stars, town, ushers, valets, women, x-rays, yahoo orrepparttar 125255 zoo.

EVERYONE wantsrepparttar 125256 same thing:

1. To find more INFORMATION on a subject.

2. To find PEOPLE with similar interests.

Basically, what you want to establish is your own personal community of information and people.

Some refer to this as your niche or target audience.

Where does your search begin?

The question gave yourepparttar 125257 answer; start your research with your favorite search engine.

1. Search Engines and Directories.

Top Ten Search Engines: http://emailexchange.org/promo2.html

I use Google. http://www.google.com.

That is where I begin my research.

Then, I suggest you hit at leastrepparttar 125258 top 5 Search Engines And Directories.

For a list, via Auto-Responder, ofrepparttar 125259 "Top 10 Search Engines and Directories!"

Send a blank email message to: mailto:Top10SE@emailexchange.org

Here isrepparttar 125260 List ofrepparttar 125261 Top 5:

1. Google: http://www.google.com.

2. Yahoo: http://www.yahoo.com

3. AltaVista: http://www.altavista.com

4. Excite: http://www.excite.com

5. AOL: http://www.aol.com

Reviewrepparttar 125262 Top 10 results ofrepparttar 125263 "keywords" used in your search. Do it from each ofrepparttar 125264 Top 5 Search Engines above.

This will give you a solid lead to begin your quest. Because your next task is to visit those 50 web sites.

Weed outrepparttar 125265 useless or dead links. Begin to form your community.

Bookmark all web sites that hold interest and promise.

When did you first discoverrepparttar 125266 Internet?

It is a mysterious, scary, exciting, fun, never-ending adventure that is full of daily learning experiences.

Whatever reason brought you torepparttar 125267 Internet, be it personal business, curiosity. you will soon discover thatrepparttar 125268 Internet is all about communication.

In fact,repparttar 125269 Internet = Global Communication.

And,repparttar 125270 foundation of that Communication, is email.

Therefore your next step is to reach out and "touch" that [ "community of people" ] you seek by sending email.

ALWAYS without resorting to SPAM.

Because it is against Internet rules and because it creates more problems that it solves. SPAM is out.

Withrepparttar 125271 list from above, decide if it is important to your quest to contactrepparttar 125272 web masters of each web site.


Written by Bob Osgoodby

No this isn't an article by Stephen King, but a true synopsis of what can happen to newbies who want to go in business onrepparttar Net. Misery equates to how much money you spent vs.repparttar 125253 amount you earned. The only thing that differs isrepparttar 125254 intensity.

Slight Misery - people who invested little or nothing and receivedrepparttar 125255 same in return. They joined AOL, and immediately found their mailbox was overflowing with spam (junk email). They read some ofrepparttar 125256 mail and, and believing what they read, bought into a program for $20. They sat back and waited, and waited, and waited and nothing happened.

Losing heart, they quitrepparttar 125257 program and dropped AOL afterrepparttar 125258 free trial period. They now send their email to Aunt Martha, which is all they really wanted to do fromrepparttar 125259 "get-go", using a free ISP such as "World Spy".

More Misery - these people believed many ofrepparttar 125260 offers that wound up in their mailbox, and bought into a few. They then started their free advertising campaign. When that didn't pay off, they started investing in paid advertising. Here a banner, there a banner, everywhere a banner, banner - they quickly learnedrepparttar 125261 reality of banner ads. But with no long term commitment, they folded their tents, cut their losses, and disappeared intorepparttar 125262 night.

Real Misery - these arerepparttar 125263 tenacious ones - they failed at level one and two, but believedrepparttar 125264 hype and invested in an online store. They're likerepparttar 125265 guy who rented a huge vacant brick and mortar building, and then started to think about what he was going to sell. After an awful lot of work and many bucks later, they found out that just having a store isn'trepparttar 125266 key to success onrepparttar 125267 Internet.

So what'srepparttar 125268 scoop? Is everyone doomed to failure?

Of course not - there are a lot of people making money onrepparttar 125269 web. But you have to find your "niche". Unless you have very "deep pockets", like anything, you have to know what you are doing.

If your area of expertise is ornithology, why not consider a web site for bird watchers. With some timely articles that are updated on a regular basis, and a store where you sell items of interest, you just might attract a following.

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