What Dreams Are Really Made For

Written by Mario Taillon

What Dreams Are Really Made For Copyright 2003 Mario Taillon http://do-your-idea.com

Dear Friend,

Now more than ever it is important not to forget that realizing your dreams is what will bringrepparttar most durable and important changes in your life and in your environment.

You wouldn't guess what our duty has always been.

That's because our culture and upbrigning has hidden to us what isrepparttar 116911 source of our highest energy.

Namely, our dreams.

Our dreams arerepparttar 116912 single source of our most powerful energies. What can we accomplish more than successfully following our dreams?

To dream even more. There's no other single option.

Dreams arerepparttar 116913 most powerful source of energy we'll ever have!

If we agree onrepparttar 116914 idea that our duty is to use our lives inrepparttar 116915 best way, makingrepparttar 116916 most astonishing accomplishments.

It seems also pretty logical to think it is our duty to userepparttar 116917 most powerful energy we'll ever have.

Often,repparttar 116918 persons that realize their dreams have a certain influence radiating around them. A kind of serenity that's soul soothing for those around them.

They found what their duty was ealizing their lifetime dreams... And that's simple. It's often much simpler thanrepparttar 116919 duties imposed by social pressure.

What duty used to be.

We got from our upbrigning that duty must induce suffering to be deemed duty indeed. That it must involve hard work and generally has to be very difficult.

Otherwise, according to our upbrigning, it could be something else than duty. Often an illusion, it says.

But even duty itself can change.

First this description of duty is probably false because impossible. Impossible because unsustainable. How can somebody persist doing something long enough to accomplish something important, if that something it tries to do, fuels back no energy at all and brigns only suffering, pain and not to mention slow destruction ?

What duty should be.

From now on, we should stop looking at duty as what inspires us negative feeligns such as guilt, suffering, desinterest, boredom and such like we often do.

From now on we should look as duty as what inspires us positive feeligns such as joy, ambition, desire, inspiration, curiosity, intelligence and so on.

We are likely to accomplish much more using this mindset because of that characteristic of sustainability of what inspires us positive feeligns. Duty should already sound much more realistic that way, doesn't it ?

Doesn't this look familiar to you ?

Now, let's take a look at those who set aside their dreams to accomplish their duty instead.

I meanrepparttar 116920 silent majority.

Ten Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Written by Steve Brunkhorst

Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common. Here are ten of those traits that I consider to be very important.

A successful entrepreneur...

1. Placesrepparttar needs of customers or clients first, and takesrepparttar 116910 time to find out what those needs are.

2. Enjoysrepparttar 116911 freedom of fulfilling a chosen mission throughrepparttar 116912 fruits of his or her own efforts.

3. Continues ahead through good times and bad, learning valuable lessons from both, and applying those lessons torepparttar 116913 future.

4. Continually looks to bring outrepparttar 116914 best in others, bringing laughter and friendship to business as well as personal relationships.

5. Respects his or her family and loved ones, and is committed for life to protecting them and their welfare, and supporting their dreams forrepparttar 116915 future.

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