What Do You Want?

Written by Paul Stanyon

Do you want cheaper advertising costs and still reach a wide audience?

www.wanted-online.com can give you this and more.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a newly launched advertising web site which has registered customers both wanting to buy and sell. This covers a wide range, from collectables to cars and employment.

With over 20,000 visitors to our site each day withinrepparttar first two weeks of launch, and with direct links to news prints which coverrepparttar 145263 whole ofrepparttar 145264 south-east of England, our easy to use and extremely competitively priced site should not be overlooked. Visit us on www.wanted-online.com and see how you can advertise from as little as 1.95 for 1 week.

How to tap into the Google AdWords PPC Goldmine ?

Written by Shrinivas Vaidya

Dear friends,

Google,repparttar most populated search engine onrepparttar 145262 Internet, offers a great advertising tool called AdWords.

AdWords was launched in March 2002 with a purpose of providing highly targeted advertising solutions to marketers and over a few years it has shows remarkable growth as far asrepparttar 145263 popularity is concerned.

How doesrepparttar 145264 entire system work?

There is a simple 5 step process to carry out.

1)Selectrepparttar 145265 geographical location, where you want your ad to get displayed.

2)Writerepparttar 145266 ad with Title, 2 lines of description andrepparttar 145267 display and destination URL's.

3)Select keywords that will triggerrepparttar 145268 ad .

4)Selectrepparttar 145269 amount you wish to pay when and only when someone click on your ad.

5)Selectrepparttar 145270 daily budget.

That's it and your ad starts running immediately.

I have seen traffic coming in less than 15 minutes. Since your ads get triggered because ofrepparttar 145271 keywords you select,repparttar 145272 traffic you are getting is highly targeted.

I have been using AdWords for almost 8 months and has seen a conversion rate of as good as 13%. This is not because I have good copywriting skills, but because ofrepparttar 145273 excellent keyword selection facilities insiderepparttar 145274 AdWords system.

The success on AdWords is largely dependent on keyword selection. Tools such as overture, Worfdtracker are a great help for marketers.

The best part aboutrepparttar 145275 AdWordds systems is that morerepparttar 145276 number of people click on your ad,repparttar 145277 lesser you have to pay. This clearly means that any average person can safely compete with big corporate players, paying much less and getting much more targeted traffic atrepparttar 145278 same time.

But before doing so it is extremely important to learn how to handle various keyword options insiderepparttar 145279 AdWords system. Because ofrepparttar 145280 excellent keywords analysis abilities it is possible to get good results inrepparttar 145281 highly competitive markets as well.

Here are some ofrepparttar 145282 more wonderful features ofrepparttar 145283 AdWords system.

[x]The ability to PAUSE/RESUME you ad at any time. If you think that you are overspending on you ad campaigns, you

can immediately pauserepparttar 145284 ad campaigns.

[X]The ability to select geographical destinations such as selected countries or even cities in selected countries

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