What Do You Get From Telling People They're Wrong?

Written by William Montgomery

I have done it, and still do it unconsciously. It can be something as subtle as simple look in your eyes or a facial gesture. It can be more obvious as an eloquent string of harsh words or evenrepparttar tone ofrepparttar 101819 words you speak. Nevertheless, telling them they're wrong, isrepparttar 101820 wrong foot forward. Nobody appreciates an attack on their intelligence, on their rational judgment, and especially their pride. You're looking for a positive outcome, and most likely going to receive a negative response. Why not just challenge them to a duel and decide it there?

Whenever you begin by turning it into an opposition of "smarter vs. dumber" you automatically begin a battle between you andrepparttar 101821 listener before you even start. >From this point on it is most difficult to make any impressions or change their minds in a positive manner.

If you are going to prove your point, do it very subtly. So subtly that they hardly realize it's happening.

When I am positive about something and want to get it across, I often use a statement such as, "Well, I'm

Parents Learn

Written by Travis Harouff

Parents Learn In today’s society it seems as ifrepparttar idea of parenting has gone outrepparttar 101818 window. AS a result of this depression rates have increased and there has been a greater rate of drug addiction, troubles withrepparttar 101819 law also have sky rocketed in those age thirteen to eight teen. We need to make sure parents are parents and prevent there kids from falling into a neglected void. To do this,repparttar 101820 government needs to create classes to teach parentsrepparttar 101821 traits that they need to be effective parents. As of now there are classes like this, however you have to sign up and pay for it yourself. These classes would be mandatory and paid for byrepparttar 101822 Government. Anyone that is going to have a baby forrepparttar 101823 first time should take these classes. New parents will be able to learnrepparttar 101824 skills they need to know to be effective parents. Whether it means teaching there kid not to do drugs or teaching parents how to show that they care, these classes would help parents do their job. These classes can show parents to support there kids and create a family atmosphere. Studies show that in a family that sits down to dinner and talks there is a thirty percent lower crime rate. One thing that parents would learn is good communication skills. They will learn how to talk to their children. Communication is important if you are a parent. A parent needs to pass ideas and skills to their children. These ideas could be how to tie shoo laces or just lettingrepparttar 101825 kid know he or she is loved. This is what we need to get across torepparttar 101826 parents. They must learn to listen and talk to there children to be better parents. Parents have to learn that children need to be loved. Taking interest in what they do will convey concern and love. When a child feels that there is love inrepparttar 101827 house he or she will takerepparttar 101828 problem there rather than trying to take care of it through drugs. In society morals have gone down throughrepparttar 101829 years. The crime rates are up in every category and drug use is at a high. Teaching morals to parents is another thing that would be taught. These would be simple right from wrong morals. People with a strong moral background can access a compromising situation and make a more appropriate decision according to studies done. Being able to make a good decision in today’s society is getting hard. There is pressure on a lot of subjects that cause problems for kids. Having sex and doing drugs is one of them. One thing that that parents would be taught isrepparttar 101830 skill to teach kids how to have safe sex. Not only from STD’s but whenrepparttar 101831 time is right for a person to start having sex. Parents would also learn how to teach children about drug use. Why it is bad and whether or not kids should try it. Parents teaching strong morals would help kids make good moral decisions between right and wrong. A very important skill that would be obtained by attended a parenting class would be how to have a positive household. When a child gets older he or she will want to do what they want. This could create a negative atmosphere very easily, forrepparttar 101832 fact that arguing takes place. When arguing takes place it usually leads to a fight. Parents could learn how to avoid this whole situation and come to a positive solution without allrepparttar 101833 yelling and screaming. This is good forrepparttar 101834 child because being yelled at can create a lot of emotional stress. But atrepparttar 101835 same time if a parent knows how to accessrepparttar 101836 situation then they can getrepparttar 101837 child to do what they think is best while showing care forrepparttar 101838 child,

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