What Do I Put In My Ezine?

Written by Terri Seymour

You are so excited because your website is finished. Your business is officially open. You are going to start an ezine to help build your business. You have an idea of what to do with your ezine and know how you are going to promote it. The only questions you have left are what do I put in my ezine and where do I get it?

There are a lot of good ideas for your ezine. You must always remember your goals with your ezine. You should promote your business and provide useful resources and information for your subscribers. You also want to build trust and relationships with your readers. Giving subscribers a good ezine with a lot of good info isrepparttar way to do it!

*Informative Articles - You definitely want to provide some good articles that have some useful, practical information and maybe some resource links. There are a lot of good article writers and you should also try to write some articles. It is always good to have some original content and articles are a great way to promote your business also. Visit these sites to find and/or post articles:

http://www.connectionteam.com/art.html http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.makingprofit.com/ http://www.the-best-list-site-in-the-world.com/lotsart.html Email lists for posting or requesting articles: mailto:Free-Content-subscribe@onelist.com mailto:PublishInYours-subscribe@onelist.com mailto:article_announce-subscribe@egroups.com *Resource Links - You should provide links to sites that have resources and information pertaining to your ezine subject matter. *Question & Answer - You could have a Q&A section for answering some commonly asked questions about what

How To Create A Web Traffic Explosion: Publish Your Own E-zine/Newsletter

Written by Theresa James-Johnson

The word “E-zine is defined as an electronic magazine or newsletter which is transmitted via email to readers. Some e-zine owners have their e-zine available via their website (Web E-zine).

There are a number of steps you should take in order to develop a successful e-zine. I have outlinerepparttar steps below:

First: Determine what topics you will discuss. Do you have a hobby? Is there a topic you are fairly knowledgeable about? Do you own a business? Your knowledge on any subject can berepparttar 124377 basis forrepparttar 124378 topic of your e-zine.

Next, determine your target market. The e-zine I publish relates to business and marketing issues. My e-zine is directed towards business owners, opportunity seeks and Internet marketers. I want to provide tips on how to successfully market and Internet business. Determine who you will target and your purpose for targeting this group.

Third – The overall style, layout, content and delivery of your e-zine is extremely important. You want to project a level of professionalism. Proper grammar and punctuation are essential to a good e-zine.

What will keeprepparttar 124379 masses coming back for more of your e-zine….Content! This is consideredrepparttar 124380 “meat” of any e-zine. If you are not familiar with writing articles, there are a number of resources you can use to add content to your e-zine. The articles listed here -http://www.ideamarketers.com are written by people who are considered to be “top Internet marketers”. I have used their articles in my e-zine publications. Websites: http://www.connectionteam.com/art.html http://www.e-zinearticles.com/ http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.makingprofit.com/ http://www.marketing-seek.com/articles/submit.shtml

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