What Diet Your Skin Needs: Find Out!

Written by Jasdeep

There is no denyingrepparttar fact that appropriate diet not only benefits your health, but also your SKIN. A stressful life (inadequate care) and unhealthy eating are two major reasons for poor skin and various skin problems like rashes, dry skin, black circles under your eyes, pimple, acne, pigmentation etc. There are other secondary reasons too which can affect your skin like atrepparttar 130358 time of pregnancy when there is hormonal change or genetic problem i.e either you have oily or dry skin because of your genes. But more than 70% ofrepparttar 130359 affected skin is due to primary reasons and one ofrepparttar 130360 major primary reason is inappropriate diet.

Different skin needs different type of diet. But there are few general rules for healthy skin which are universal for everyone.

Here isrepparttar 130361 list ofrepparttar 130362 rules:

a) Water,repparttar 130363 magical drink, acts asrepparttar 130364 best medicine forrepparttar 130365 skin. It not only refreshes you and make your skin glow but also purifies your body which makesrepparttar 130366 body run most effectively. Readrepparttar 130367 benefits of water and how it helps your skin glow at http://www.weightloss-health.com/Water_Benifits.htm

A Horrible Trick Has Been Played On Us

Written by Jeff Cuckson

10 Situations where Men and Women Differ So Much!

Joke from a Woman to another Woman "Some husbands are living proof that a woman can take a joke!"

Joke from a Man to another Man; "Men are Vain, They will check themselves out inrepparttar mirror.However women are ridiculous; they will check their reflections in any shiny surface, mirrors, spoons, shop windows."

Then why do YOU think women misunderstand men and vice-versa? One basic fact of life. Women and men are different. I am not talking about their physical attributes, but in their attitudes to relationships.

I am a man, writing this article. I have tried to be fair, but can I tell you ladies, I just can't understand you most ofrepparttar 130356 time. But I am sure that most of you would answer, that you can't understand us men.

I have been guilty of most ofrepparttar 130357 attitudes listed, especiallyrepparttar 130358 shopping which I hate. Therefore to go a little way in imparting some understanding, here are 10 situations whererepparttar 130359 thinking of men and women go in opposite directions;

1) ANGER: When Anger or another problem enters a relationship A woman will want to repairrepparttar 130360 situation or problem before any sex.

A man will think that making love will make it all right again.

2)TOUCHING: For women touching without sex is comforting and very soothing. They find thatrepparttar 130361 touching gives a warm feeling of security.

However for men touching without sex can easily be misunderstood and he can even feel threatened.

Please understand that when men touch each other, it is in a rough manner. They slap or punch each other onrepparttar 130362 back. Tender touching makes many men feel vulnerable and dependent. These have been seen by men to be un masculine.

Men find it uncomfortable with so much closeness. It makes them feel vulnerable. However women are not comfortable without this type of intimacy.

3) TELEPHONE: Men userepparttar 130363 telephone or mobile phone as a communication device. It is to send short messages to each other.

However women seerepparttar 130364 telephone differently. They use it to keep in touch with their friends supporting, helping and growing relationships. They are more interested in people and feelings than objects such as telephones andrepparttar 130365 latest video games.

4) SEX: When it comes to foreplay, women prefer 40-45 minutes of foreplay. However men onrepparttar 130366 other hand prefer 40-45 seconds of foreplay before sex

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