What Comes First - The Cover or The eBook?

Written by Ovi Dogar

One of biggest trend these days is related to ebooks. Because of their viral nature, ebooks are a great way to increase traffic to a site and that's why everyone have to write at least one.

There are millions of ebooks online and everyday there are more then one hundred new ebooks that hitrepparttar stands ofrepparttar 108455 online library. Some of them are free, other not. But they are all full of fresh information or they will be forgotten.

As a reader, it's tough to decide which one to read and which not. That's why most surfers do pretty muchrepparttar 108456 same thing they do in a real library.

Rememberrepparttar 108457 last time you were in a real library or bookstore? If you are like me, you will more than likely base your decision of reading or buying a book onrepparttar 108458 first stimulus that catch your eye.

And that one stimulus isrepparttar 108459 COVER.

And that'srepparttar 108460 way everyone decides to read or buy a book: THEY LOOK AT THE COVER AND MAKE THEIR DECISION BASED ON IT!

So, how do you recognize a great cover?

First, it has to be an eye-catching cover sorepparttar 108461 visitor will pick up your ebook instead ofrepparttar 108462 ebook of your competitors.

Second, even ifrepparttar 108463 cover piqued your visitor's attention it also have to be interesting enough to make him actually read your ebook.

How can you make your cover stand out in a sea of covers?

Well, this is not an easy task if you have no design experience. Why? Because, even if your cover is different then allrepparttar 108464 other ones, it may be different in a wrong way.

Write, Finish, and Publish your eBook Fast to Pull Online Sales

Written by Judy Cullins

Why write an eBook?

You want ongoing, lifelong multiple streams of income. You want to raise your credibility and trust ratings with clients or customers. You want to get your message out sorepparttar world can be a better place.

Yet, You want to spend only a little time on it. (Would you be willing to spend 4 hours a week?) You want to get it out fast (Would 4-6 weeks be OK?) You want to market Online at a low-cost investment. And, for some of you, you are ready to be innovative and even take a small risk to get your eBook read by millions, rather than hundreds!

Where are you now?

You haverepparttar 108454 idea for your eBook; you have a lot of ideas! Take a moment and decide which one you are most passionate about now and will be forrepparttar 108455 next year. Focus on one great idea, then add others you know will work too. You want to know what isrepparttar 108456 next step.

You have your eBook well on its way, but aren't finished. You need advice on how to get it done, what's needed to publish (not much!), and how to distribute it to pull Online sales.

Who Should Write an eBook? - If you are ready to invest a little to reap a great deal. - If you are a business person who want to serve a wider community. - If you are willing to move much faster than traditional publishing - If you want to create active, ongoing sources of income.

One method to help make your eBook successful is to userepparttar 108457 essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points."

Seven Things to do Before Writing Your eBook

Every part of your book can be a sales tool. When you includerepparttar 108458 below tips, you'll sell more books than you ever dreamed of.

1. Write for your one preferred audience. Not everyone wants your book. Find out what audience wants/needs your book? What problems does your book solve for them? Create an audience profile and keep your audience's picture in front of you as you write. Ask yourself, is my topic narrow enough? The Chicken Soup For The Teenager, For The Prisoner, and other specific groups sold far more copies thanrepparttar 108459 original Chicken Soup.

2. Write a sizzling book title including benefits. You have 8 seconds to hook your potential buyer. While an eBook cover doesn't need fancy graphics you will want to create one that can be printed both in color and black and white. It must be easy to see and read. Your title and cover should compel your audience to buy.

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