What Color Is Best For The Bride?

Written by Sher Matsen

There’s white and then there’s white, then there is all kinds of wonderful pastel colors that make beautiful wedding gowns. If your are not sure what color is best here’s some helpful hints.

Many brides prefer to stay with traditional white and that’s just fine, but remember there are all kinds of shades of white as well, so pick a shade that works well with your skin color. Remember when choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses to consider their skin tone also.

While your hair and eye color play a role in choosing a flattering fabric, your skin tone playsrepparttar most important role. Your body isrepparttar 148527 largest feature andrepparttar 148528 one people will notice first.

Before you start gown hunting take time to determine your skin tone. Is it warm or cool? An old trick to help determine skin tone is to have a look atrepparttar 148529 veins onrepparttar 148530 inside of your wrist. Are they bluish tone or greenish tone? Blue veins indicate a cool skin tone. Green veins indicate a warm skin tone. Another way to tell is by how your skin tans. Women who tend to burn usually have cool skin tones. Woman who tan easily usually have warm skin tones. The third way to tell is to have a look at your face inrepparttar 148531 mirror [you naked face – no makeup applied] If your skin is fair to medium and has a pink, red, or blue tone then you’re a cool skin tone. If your skin is fair to medium and has more of an olive or golden tone then your skin tone is warm.

Women with cool skin tones look best in: cool white, pure white, silver white, ice blue, pale pink, barely blue. Cool tones can wear vivid blues and reds, deep emerald greens, plums, and pure black. All ofrepparttar 148532 softer pastels fromrepparttar 148533 blues torepparttar 148534 roses enhance cool skin tones. Lemon yellows, rich ruby and sapphire also look great. Your makeup should include cool colors such as pinks and lilacs. Cool toned people will look best in blue based colors.

Luscious Lips Scream Kiss Me

Written by Sher Matsen

Big beautiful lips have always been a symbol of sexiness! Full lips scream "kiss me" and guys go crazy over them. Full lips are a sign of youthfulness and health.

Great but not all of us were lucky enough to be born with those sexy full lips. Look atrepparttar "stars", plenty of them flaunt their big full lips, but believe me not all of them were born with those lips!

So what to do?

Wellrepparttar 148526 simplest, most non-invasive, and most affordable way to get full lips is to purchase one ofrepparttar 148527 pout pumper products onrepparttar 148528 market.

theBalm Tinted Gloss comes in several sheer hues, each with a delicious flavor. It gives your lips a subtle fuller look.

Too Faced Lip Injection gives a noticeable size difference torepparttar 148529 lips almost instantly. It's not thick or goopy so you can apply it in layers

LipFusion - Instanly swellsrepparttar 148530 lips and it lasts for up to 12 hours so you don't have to keep reapplying it.

DuWop Venom Flash - It's colorless but turns your lips a flushed pink with a shimmer. It expandsrepparttar 148531 lips nicely.

Another easy method to createrepparttar 148532 illusion of bigger lips is quite simple

Linerepparttar 148533 outer rim of your lips with a mute lip pencil staying withinrepparttar 148534 natural border of your lips

Apply a light colored lipstick. Dark colors make your lips appear smaller

Userepparttar 148535 wand of a pearly pink gloss - apply fromrepparttar 148536 bottom of your lips upward to add more dimension

Lastly dab a bit of gold lip gloss onrepparttar 148537 center of your bottom lip.

Then of course there arerepparttar 148538 more invasive and more costly procedures;

1. Your dentist can bond thick veneers onto your front six teeth. This pushes outrepparttar 148539 upper lip for a fuller look. Are you sitting down? because this process costs on average $1500.00 USD per tooth. Perhaps that's whyrepparttar 148540 only ones using it arerepparttar 148541 "stars". 2. Lip augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis.

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