What Can You Write About ?

Written by Sylvia White

Do you have a hobby or a favourite pastime ? Reading ! Writing ! Art! Darts ! Don't laugh I'm serious: darts is a favourite pastime for many thousands of people, Men and Women. What I'm getting at is, it could be anything. Snooker, cookery, animals. in fact anything you love doing or working at. OK Why am I asking you this ? Because if you have a hobby or a pastime, and you have a website, then tell others all about it.

What can I tell them about darts ? No silly, not that you throw three darts at a board and thats that. For a start , how many games do you know about ? One Two, plenty, Ok begin by explainingrepparttar rudiments ofrepparttar 142616 game aboutrepparttar 142617 scoring, what teams you have played, how many games you have won. This is of interest to thousands of people and may even convert a few none players.

This explanation goes for any interest you have, explain it in as much detail as you can. make sure its interesting so people will read it and your all set. BUT !  There are thousands of articles out there onrepparttar 142618 internet how will mine be any different ? Everyone has different opinions and different thoughts on a subject. Use your own know how,repparttar 142619 way you do it is bound to be different to some one else's idea of how it should be done. You might have little tricks they would like to know about, a way to make some thing seem much easier than it is.

How to avoid Mystery Shopping Drawbacks and Scams

Written by Joseph Then

Mystery shopping is a fun filled job but there is a negative side to it too. There are many drawbacks of mystery shopping. They are as follows:

●The biggest drawback is that people can charge you for providing any service related to finding a job as mystery shopper. These service providers can cheat you by offering jobs on contract basis for months or years and charge you heavily for that. There is no guaranty that on payingrepparttar fees you would get a job for longer period. The employer is supposed to pay forrepparttar 142580 amount for work. If an employee is paying to get a job, it means something is wrong some where. Mystery shoppers are taken for a ride.

●Luring mystery shoppers by promising them to give free TV and other such objects of luxury is also one ofrepparttar 142581 traps, which enthusiastic aspirants fall prey to.

●Some companies can ask for personal details like credit card number or even bank account number.

●Others may even ask you to part with some bucks to pay forrepparttar 142582 secret list.

●While some others may claim to provide mystery shopping certificate to get you a job which is never true.

●Some mystery shopping resources on Internet provide fake phone numbers and out of order websites.

●None ofrepparttar 142583 companies provide serious help in finding a job.

●There is no scope for refund of money spent on these fake mystery shopping companies.

●Some of these fake companies provide poor web pages that can hardly be read.

●Mystery shoppers often use hidden cameras, which is sometimes risky. It can create havoc ifrepparttar 142584 mystery shopper is not an honest person. The mystery shopper can misuse it to invade employee privacy and later blackmail them.

●The reports provided byrepparttar 142585 mystery shoppers are not always accurate. They are sometimes their own personal opinions or suggestions to improverepparttar 142586 prevailing conditions of a store.

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