What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours?

Written by James Mann

What Can AutoResponders Do That Will Save Me Hundreds Of Hours? by James Mann http://www.inetstrategiesinc.com/

First let me say there is absolutely nothing wrong with responding to your email manually. I have family, friends and associates that I communicate with allrepparttar time through email. Those emails require that personal touch.

What I am talking about isrepparttar 138811 request forrepparttar 138812 same information over and over. If I had 10,000 people emailing me askingrepparttar 138813 same questions I would go bonkers. I could go at it 24/7 and never get them all answered. So instead of wasting my time and those that want answers it is better to send information automatically.

I still really feel strong aboutrepparttar 138814 personal touch so I remain available through email and phone.

Online business needs to be fast and efficient because people today never stop and they want answers yesterday. If I can automate a process so that my prospects can receive immediate feedback to certain criteria then I am going to have happy customers and subscribers.

Autoresponders solverepparttar 138815 time issue by delivering immediate responses to click of your mouse. This is an Automated-Response can make yourepparttar 138816 hero of their day, plus it can free up hours that you spend responding manually. And that means I can go fishing. ------------------------------------------------

Email Newsletters: The Header

Written by Robert F. Abbott

Managing Subscriber addresses: Atrepparttar top of your email message you seerepparttar 138742 header, where you insert addresses and a subject heading. It all looks simple enough, but there are some tricks and tips you should know, and one very important warning. Letís start with that warning:

In addressing your newsletter, do not put subscriber names or email addresses inrepparttar 138743 TO orrepparttar 138744 CC (Carbon Copy) field. Addresses in either of these fields are visible to all recipients. And, if you have one unscrupulous person on your list, that person could start sending spam torepparttar 138745 rest ofrepparttar 138746 list.

Always put subscriber addresses inrepparttar 138747 BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field, where no one but you will see their addresses. This is very important in retaining their confidence. In fact, this might now berepparttar 138748 single most important point to remember if you send an email message to any group.

So, to whom shouldrepparttar 138749 newsletter be addressed? Probably yourself. You can use your regular address, or set up a special address forrepparttar 138750 newsletter only. One other thought: userepparttar 138751 CC field as a place to putrepparttar 138752 name of someone who wants to make their address known. For example, if you include a special offer by a third party inrepparttar 138753 newsletter, you can CC that third party, and as a result provide a backup email address.

Subject line: Make this line as strong as possible. Itísrepparttar 138754 hook that encouragesrepparttar 138755 reader to scroll downrepparttar 138756 page to your article(s). Try looking throughrepparttar 138757 subject lines ofrepparttar 138758 newsletters you now receive, and see what works for you.

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