What Baby Chicks Can Teach You About Handling Your Prospects.

Written by Ray L. Edwards

The best way to chase your prospects away is to show them that you really need them! This may appear strange at first but truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I've seen this repeatedly in cases where my website visitors would sometimes ask for some clarification on my offers. I noticed after a while that 99% of those who inquired by email or phone never maderepparttar purchase. Frankly, this was quite puzzling to me.

First I thought that maybe my heavy Caribbean accent drove them away. But then again what of my emails? I doubt that you can hear an accent throughrepparttar 117321 written word.

Then I recalledrepparttar 117322 saying:

"Follow love and it will flee, Flee from love and it will follow thee."

You see, sometimes you can appear so desperate to makerepparttar 117323 sale that you driverepparttar 117324 customer away. The prospect senses this in your voice and `persuasive' emails and they shy away. It's a strange human phenomenon that people like to buy but they don't like to be `sold'. The customer frequently wants to feel as though he is in control ofrepparttar 117325 buying process.

Nobody wants to know that they were pressured into making any decision and this includes buying. This is whererepparttar 117326 whole psychology of offering your products in different colors and versions comes in you are givingrepparttar 117327 customer a choice.

So here is a typical email that I would get from a prospect:

Hi Ray,

I was just at your website and think that I like your ebook. I've been burnt before by some useless junk that I've bought onrepparttar 117328 web. So I have some questions that I hope you don't mind answering. (Questions aboutrepparttar 117329 product follow ...)

You seem to be an honest person but I just want to know if you'll really refund my money if I didn't like your ebook. If I don't hear from you then I would just go and purchase another product. No hard feelings.



Now, originally an email like this would get me into high gear in `defending' my product and listing allrepparttar 117330 virtues that were already stated onrepparttar 117331 sales site. As I mentioned before I often never heard from these customers anymore and so I had wasted my time trying to closerepparttar 117332 sale.

Sometimes I would just ignore these letters as I had labeled these people as just `doubters' or `freebie seekers' who would not have made a purchase anyway. This was until I got a really harsh anonymous email that blatantly accused me of just trying to trick people out of their money. Me? I takerepparttar 117333 time to return shopping carts to their storage area inrepparttar 117334 parking lot you can't get any more honest than that!

Tips and Bits!

Written by Jordan Francis

Tips & bits... By Jordan Francis.

==> There are NO secrets to making money online. Just hard work, knowledge, money inrepparttar first place and scams which don't last!

I recommend you grab yourself your very own personal mentor. It will save you a lot of time, money and hair pulling! Check out whose doing what you want to be doing, and ask them to help you...

==> There is not one single info-product that contains all you need to know about making money online. There is no such thing asrepparttar 117320 "only book you need".

Usually,repparttar 117321 most successful ($$$) people making money online are those who spendrepparttar 117322 most on their own education (ebooks, courses, workshops, seminars etc). Terry Dean claimed he spent something like $20'000 last year alone on his "education".

Now that's serious! Of course Terry actually applies what he learns, that's how he can afford to spend $20'000 inrepparttar 117323 first place...

==> Right now,repparttar 117324 last thing I feel like doing (apart from running face first in to a propeller - joke), is sitting here typing this issue for you! Why? Because at this moment, I have no interest or motivation, and I have a thousand other things I would actually rather do, than sit here typing this. :-)

So why tell you this?

BECAUSE I want to show you that sometimes, no matter what, you HAVE to get off your butt and take action! Sometimes you just have to do it, and for me right now, it's typing this issue. I am not a robot. I will get down, I will lose interest from time to time. If I was to just stop and quit every time I felt like this, I would NEVER achieve anything in life.

You ever feel like quitting something? Unless it's smoking... don't! ;-) At least give it some serious thought first.

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