What Aunt Marge Can Teach You About Ezines

Written by Jessica Albon

I have a certain relative, let's call her Aunt Marge (mostly because I don't think there's ever been a Marge inrepparttar family). Aunt Marge never met a forward she didn't like. People have actually been known to set up email accounts just for Aunt Marge's forwards.

Virus warnings, chain letters, "cute" photos, jokes, etc, etc, etc. I don't think she knows how to actually write an original email--just how to click and send to everyone she knows.

In my own email account, I have a folder just for Aunt Marge's emails. Outlook automatically routes her emails there and from time to time I go through and deleterepparttar 124204 messages she's sent. Unread.

Perhaps you have an Aunt Marge of your own. Most of us do.

Aunt Marge teaches us two lessons about effective email newsletters.

...................................... What Do They Associate Your Name With? ...................................... The first, what do subscribers think when they see your name inrepparttar 124205 "from" field? Information they've already seen a half dozen times? Or fantastic, to-the-point advice that's always entertaining?

Entertain them, inform them, and your list will grow. That's because people like to share information they find interesting and engaging.

What's Aunt Marge's second lesson?

...................................... Why Does Aunt Marge Forward Those Emails? ...................................... Take a look at those forwards she shares with you. Chances are, they're very specific about who she should send them to--"Six people who know you best," "Everyone in your address book," etc, etc.

10 Great Ezine Content Tips To Increase Your Sales And Readership

Written by Ken Hill

1. Write articles that provide your readers with a list of tips.

Depending onrepparttar topics your ezine covers, your tips could be on customer service, autoresponders, or you could provide your subscribers with a list of tips that help them to increase their sales or market their businesses more successfully.

You could also provide your readers with a list of your top tips on a specific subject such as "Top 7 Ways To Promote Your Website" or "Top Ten Ways To Promote Your Ezine."

2. Write "how to" articles.

This type of article shows your reader step by step how to reach an objective such as how to write effective ad copy, get repeat traffic, or how to write effective metatags.

3. Publish interviews.

Contact experts onrepparttar 124203 topic your ezine covers and request interviews. Most people will agree as it provides them with promotion of their businesses at no cost. Publish your interviews in article format or userepparttar 124204 popular Q&A formula.

4. Write articles that focus on a current hot topic, trend or that are "seasonal" in nature such as how to increase sales duringrepparttar 124205 holidays.

5. Provide polls for your subscribers to partake in.

Publishing polls will help you to increaserepparttar 124206 number of people that read your ezine because your subscribers will be interested in seeingrepparttar 124207 results.

Your polls can also be used to help you decide on changes in your content, publishing schedule, or to decide on new things to add to your ezine.

6. Provide your subscribers with resources related to your ezine's topic such as places to promote their businesses, ezines, etc.,

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