What Are Tanning Bed Lamps?

Written by Tim Gorman

Tanning bed lamps vary depending onrepparttar type of tanning bed. Tanning bed lamps are necessary for any kind of tanning bed.

The conventional tanning beds use a different type of tanning bed lamps than a high pressure bed. The high pressure beds use quartz tanning bed lamps that can vary in length.

These tanning bed lamps usually tan your body from above. While using these tanning bed lamps you will lie on a comfortable mattress. After about 12 minutes under these tanning bed lamps you will turn over and tanrepparttar 144901 other side of your body.

The tanning bed lamps in these beds have gasses insiderepparttar 144902 quartz lamps. The gasses insiderepparttar 144903 tanning bed bulbs are held at a little above atmospheric pressure. The gasses inside regular tanning bed lamps are held at below atmospheric pressure.

Slather On That Tanning Bed Lotion

Written by Tim Gorman

Tanning bed lotions abound. How do you choose from allrepparttar tanning bed lotions available?

There are tanning bed lotions that are in cream form. There are tanning bed lotions that are gels or oils. You can find tanning bed lotions that function as accelerators. Tanning bed lotions are named to sound like wonderful desserts or sexy adventures. Do these tanning bed lotions work better thanrepparttar 144900 ones that you can buy at WalMart?

I have tried a variety of tanning bed lotions and can not see much difference betweenrepparttar 144901 very expensive ones andrepparttar 144902 tanning bed lotions that are less costly.

First I bought one ofrepparttar 144903 pricey tanning bed lotions from my tanning salon. It worked just fine and lasted about 2 months. Most ofrepparttar 144904 tanning bed lotions atrepparttar 144905 salon are at least $20 a bottle.

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