What's so Special about Air-Conditioning Compressors?

Written by Thomas Yoon

What'srepparttar difference between an air-conditioning compressor and an air compressor?

Obvious question? Or is there more to it thanrepparttar 133436 different kind of gas thatrepparttar 133437 compressor handles?

Of courserepparttar 133438 refrigerant gas has something to do withrepparttar 133439 design ofrepparttar 133440 air-conditioning compressor. For one thing,repparttar 133441 refrigerant gas has a unique property of being a liquid at normal room temperatures, and it can become a gas at a slightly higher temperature.

Furthermore,repparttar 133442 lubricant oil can mix freely withrepparttar 133443 refrigerant gas! Andrepparttar 133444 lubricant have to be recovered and returned back to repparttar 133445 compressor.

A bit complicated isn't it?

The gas suction forrepparttar 133446 air-conditioning compressor is taken into

How Big Buildings Circulate Air?

Written by Thomas Yoon

How do big shopping complexes, offices and commercial buildings cool their indoor space?

For big buildings, we need big cooling capacities. Central air-conditioning systems using chillers are used. Chilled water isrepparttar most convenient way to collectrepparttar 133435 heat from repparttar 133436 indoor spaces. We just need pipes. Miles and miles of them.

Chilled water fromrepparttar 133437 chillers is about 44 degree Fahrenheit (about 7 deg C). In order forrepparttar 133438 room heat to be transfered torepparttar 133439 water efficiently,repparttar 133440 air inrepparttar 133441 room is circulated through tubes containing flowing chilled water.

That isrepparttar 133442 main function ofrepparttar 133443 air handling unit in a central air-conditioning chilled water system.

Another function of an air handling unit is to cleanrepparttar 133444 air. It does this by filtration.

A most basic air handling unit, or AHU, contains a fan, a cooling coil, and an air filter enclosed in a box-like structure.

Normally, air contains moisture. When air is passed through repparttar 133445 cooling coils, water usually condenses out atrepparttar 133446 surfaces ofrepparttar 133447 coils. Collection pans are installed belowrepparttar 133448 cooling coils to collect any condensed water. This water is removed through drain pipes.

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