What's my life all about?

Written by Garry Munro

What’s my life all about isrepparttar question so many of us ask ourselves, I’m sure you have asked yourselfrepparttar 149909 same question, right?

The answer is different for everyone of us, so I’m not going to try an answer it for you but please let me offer you some advice that I have picked up alongrepparttar 149910 way, but first let me quote from Oprah Winfrey:

“I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint - and thatrepparttar 149911 best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others inrepparttar 149912 form of service, working hard, and also allowingrepparttar 149913 energy ofrepparttar 149914 universe to lead you"

You may want to go back and read this quote again and then think how it applies to you and your life.

What is your personal calling?

The answer to this may assist you to answer our original question, what’s my life all about?

Finding your personal calling or to put it another way, what is your life purpose, is important, without knowing what you’re destined to do or what really makes you happy, is like walking outrepparttar 149915 door and not knowing where to go.

So, how do you findrepparttar 149916 answer?

Well, it takes a bit of soul searching, time and you need to start this process inrepparttar 149917 right frame of mind or otherwise you may come up withrepparttar 149918 wrong answer.

Try your best to approach this exercise in a positive frame of mind, which may be hard if you’re “suffering” from self doubt or have just gone through some form of trauma, so you may need assistance to gain that positive approach.

Hypnosis Cd - Building Super Confidence

Written by Steven A. Harold

Interestingly we do not build healthy self-confidence by sticking to what we know already and by excludingrepparttar unknown. Although through repetition and practice you will improve your skill, knowledge and competence, and therefore your confidence with any thing, after a time there comes a stage when you are just about as good as you can get. Unless it isrepparttar 149795 100 metres dash, when even a split second can makerepparttar 149796 difference between success and second place, refining something torepparttar 149797 nth degree will not make much difference to your level of confidence.

A great way of having a boost of confidence is to do something that is more of a challenge and where there may even be some element of anxiety and fear. This is not to suggest that you should do something dangerous to yourself or others. This is not what is meant. Anxiety and fear can come along when someone thinks about giving that speech to a group or that social occasion.

If these two events or others were times when you feel some anxiety or fear then these would be great opportunities to boost your confidence. Usuallyrepparttar 149798 first tactic used if an event like a party or other social gathering gives you anxiety is to make some excuse not to go. This tactic is called avoidance. It is a tactic that many employ. Unfortunately it does not help good self-confidence, and if anything, it begins to erode that person's self-confidence. Avoidance, as a tactic, does not changerepparttar 149799 situation and in fact means that your life then becomes restricted because you do not attend those social functions.

Healthy self-confidence comes through facing up to you fears. You usually find that when you do face your fears that they are unfounded and often you may wonder why you worried inrepparttar 149800 first place. Withrepparttar 149801 social function example, if you have previously avoided social situations, now try and find a way of attending them but with an element of control. What I mean is, do things a step at a time. Some ideas to help you take a step at a time are these: -

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