What's in a Name?

Written by Adam Fletcher

Have you ever visited a website (possibly one you saw advertised in an email or through a link on another site) that did not have its own Domain Name? For instance, wasrepparttar address ofrepparttar 149670 site something alongrepparttar 149671 lines of.... http://members.freehost.com/~business24701/... or anything similar to that? (note that link is made up). Of course you have! We've all visited sites hosted on these "cost-free hosts" at some point or another :o)


Now don't get me wrong... there is nothing wrong with "free hosts" so to speak. They can be a great resouce for beginners at web site design to post their initial work on or for family members to post vacation pictures to share with Grandma and Gramps... those are all excellent uses of these "free hosts". http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com


But I want you to think back for a minute and recallrepparttar 149672 feelings you had while you were at one of those "free hosted sites". Regardless of how well-designed and great lookingrepparttar 149673 site was, you still had a subconcious impression atrepparttar 149674 back of your mind that said something alongrepparttar 149675 lines of, "This site is nice, but I can see byrepparttar 149676 fact of it being hosted on this 'free host' thatrepparttar 149677 owner doesn't place a lot of VALUE on his own site.... so why should I?"... http://www.hardwaresoftwarearticles.com

Great Web Hosting - What to Look For!

Written by Keith Thompson

Great Web Hosting - What to Look For!

by Keith Thompson

Web hosting can best be described as a modern-day marriage: none of this till death do us part stuff, it's more like I'll stick around as long as your uptime is 100%, you answer my frantic queries instantly, and you charge me less than a decent latte at Starbucks. What follows is a few tips to help makerepparttar relationship less rocky and possibly prosperous!

First of all, we all need to take a little responsibility and at least figure out what we think we need from a web host up front. This isn't always as easy as you might imagine. You don't always know your exact needs ahead of time, and sometimes these things are difficult to forsee. Your site may become hugely popular, requiring more bandwidth or storage than previously thought. You may decide to have data feeds hosted on your site, which will gobble up resources. On online store can dorepparttar 149669 same. One way I've found myself inrepparttar 149670 position of having to change web hosts is when a technology you want to use or implement on your site isn't supported by your host. This will (and did!)prompt a move.

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