What's Your Story? Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Follow These Guidelines to Get Free Publicity

Written by Ned Steele

Be a Resource

The media people that are likely to want to speak to financial planners are usually working on stories that will help people: help them get out of debt, make smarter investment decisions, or save for retirement.

They look to financial planners to be a resource for these people.

When you become a resource,repparttar media will come back to you again and again.

A resource on what? Onrepparttar 144511 same subject matter and topics that arerepparttar 144512 everyday stuff of your business, your practice, your interaction with clients and customers.

How you can help people - that's your story.

You Are NEVERrepparttar 144513 Story

Publicity: Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Take a Reporter to Lunch

Written by Ned Steele

Sometimes a phone call isn't intimate or long enough to convey allrepparttar information you have for a reporter.

Two examples would be: if you have a dozen or so story ideas, or if you'd like to explain an extremely complex financial concept or strategy to a reporter.

If this isrepparttar 144510 case, you should consider offering to meetrepparttar 144511 reporter over coffee or for a quick lunch, for a "backgrounder" on your topic.

It's a relatively common event inrepparttar 144512 media world. Many reporters jump atrepparttar 144513 chance to pick a knowledgeable expertís brain. You may be able to get information from them about what types of stories they are interested in, and what other reporters at their outlet might want to use you as a source.

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