What's Wrong With My Website?

Written by Michael Southon

I ask myself that question about once a month. My website looks fine to me, but what are other people seeing? And what arerepparttar Search Engines seeing? Here's a checklist of 10 ways to keep your website at peak performance:

1. Browser Compatibility

The first thing is to look at your website through other people's browsers. I do this regularly and I've sometimes been shocked at what I saw!

ANYBROWSER http://www.anybrowser.com

2. Broken Links

About 5% of all links onrepparttar 132040 Internet are broken. A site that contains broken links gives a bad impression to visitors and is a frequent cause of lost sales. Also,repparttar 132041 major Search Engines and Directories will not list your page if it contains any broken links or missing images.

Here are some free link validators:

LINK SCAN http://www.elsop.com/linkscan/quickcheck.html

NET MECHANIC http://www.netmechanic.com/maintain.htm

WEBSITE GARAGE DEADLINK CHECK http://websitegarage.netscape.com/O=wsg uneup_plus/index.html

3. Web Safe Colors

Arerepparttar 132042 colors on your web site displaying properly on other people's browsers? You may have a beautiful shade of lilac on your index page but it could look very strange on someone else's computer.

There are only 216 colors that you can safely use onrepparttar 132043 Web. These colors display solid and consistent on any computer monitor or web browser that is able to display at least 8-bit color.

The Web Safe Palette contains six groups of colors with 36 colors per group. These 216 web safe colors can have any combination ofrepparttar 132044 following RGB (Red Green Blue) values: 0, 51, 102, 153, 204, 255 (each RGB value must be divisible by 51).

Here's a good palette of web safe colors:

WEB-SOURCE SAFE COLORS http://www.web-source.net/216_color_chart.htm

4. ALT Tags

ALT Tags allow you to give an alternative to people who haverepparttar 132045 'view images' function turned off in their browser. Let's sayrepparttar 132046 navigation system on your website is a series of buttons that link to other pages on your site. If you don't have ALT Tags, people who haverepparttar 132047 'view images' function turned off will be unable to navigate through your site - in place of your button they will just see an empty space.

But an ALT Tag allows you to tell those people what that button does. For example, ifrepparttar 132048 button is a link to your 'Site Map' you could insertrepparttar 132049 following ALT Tag: Click here to view Site Map

ALT Tags also allow you to raise your keyword density. For every image that is not hyperlinked you could insert your main keywords. For example: airfares cheap discount flights

5. Meta Tags

Meta Tags are so important they deserve a whole article on their own. The most important Meta Tags arerepparttar 132050 Title Tag,repparttar 132051 Keywords Tag andrepparttar 132052 Description Tag.

The Title Tag should be no more than 64 characters (longer than that and it will be cut off in some Search Engines).

The Keyword Tag should contain about 5 to 10 keywords that appear on your page. Never include words that do not appear on that page - in some Search Engines your website will be penalized for this. Do not repeatrepparttar 132053 same keyword - this is called 'keyword stuffing' and is also frowned upon byrepparttar 132054 Search Engines.

Separate your keywords with spaces (not commas). This allowsrepparttar 132055 Search Engines to combine your keywords into phrases, for people who do 'phrase searching'.

The Description Tag should be no more than 200 characters. Include as many of your keywords as you can. Remember also that your Description Tag must be enticing - it must make people want to visit your site.

Choosing A Web Site Content Management System

Written by Michael Park

Asrepparttar saying goes onrepparttar 132037 web “Content is King.” There is no argument that if you are going to have an effective Internet presence you must have current, dynamic content that gives your visitors reasons to come back time and again. While content may be king there seems to be little discussion aboutrepparttar 132038 optimal way to manage this content for small to medium sized businesses. Have you ever noticed that when your buildingrepparttar 132039 web site you have plenty of helping hands but oncerepparttar 132040 site is launched andrepparttar 132041 daily grind of support kicks in it becomes harder and harder to find that help. This is why it is so important to evaluate your Content Management System (CMS) for you web site inrepparttar 132042 development stages. Every web site has some form of content management system in place, except for those that never change. The CMS can be as informal as an email torepparttar 132043 web developer or a multi-million dollar computer program that warehouses data from several different databases. In focusing on small to medium sized businesses I have decided to eliminaterepparttar 132044 big dollar systems and concentrate onrepparttar 132045 three major types of CMS’s available.

The first type of CMS isrepparttar 132046 default traditional and most widely used method I callrepparttar 132047 manual update system. This usually requires sendingrepparttar 132048 information torepparttar 132049 web developer. The web developer then utilizes their FTP program and HTML coding skills to makerepparttar 132050 requested changes. The changes are then reviewed and approved byrepparttar 132051 requester. The problem with this model is thatrepparttar 132052 web developer is usually a high priced contractor and not an in-house resource. This means that you end paying a hefty price for web site changes. The cost of web site changes becomes a budget issue so you end up reducingrepparttar 132053 number of changes you make to your site in turn reducing its overall value.

The second type of CMS isrepparttar 132054 WYSIWYG system. This model allowsrepparttar 132055 web site owner to use one ofrepparttar 132056 graphical web development tools onrepparttar 132057 market today such as FrontPage or Net Objects Fusion. These are great programs that allow you to make changes torepparttar 132058 web site in a graphical look. The changes are simple and if you configurerepparttar 132059 software correctly you can update your web site with a few clicks ofrepparttar 132060 mouse. The problem with this model is that you become dependent onrepparttar 132061 WYSIWYG tool. If you can’t get to FrontPage then you can’t make your change unless you resort back to our first model. But now it gets a little trickier. These WYSIWYG tools create very convoluted HTML code so manual changes can become very time consuming. Another draw-back ofrepparttar 132062 model is that if your company utilizes a tool like this to create their site they are limited torepparttar 132063 graphical templates that come withrepparttar 132064 software. You end up getting a site that looks pretty much like everybody else’s. Furthermore, I think it is important for any company planning on building or revamping their web site to meet with a web development company to at least reviewrepparttar 132065 best practices for web development.

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