What's Up with the Bad Reading

Written by Sam Stevens

A lot of times when I am reading people onrepparttar site I notice people talking about having a "bad reading." By that they usually mean thatrepparttar 105758 psychic pulled a so-called "bad" cards, such asrepparttar 105759 Devil, The Tower ofrepparttar 105760 Ten of Swords, in answer to their question. First of all, you need to realize that there is no such thing as a "bad" reading. Usually "bad" means thatrepparttar 105761 reader pulled cards that don't agree with your idea of whatrepparttar 105762 desired answer to your question should be. Many ofrepparttar 105763 "bad" cards are cards that indicate change. Most people fear or resist change as we all have a basic fear ofrepparttar 105764 unknown. There are a few cards inrepparttar 105765 Tarot that I know putrepparttar 105766 fear of God into trembling clients. These arerepparttar 105767 Tower, The Devil card,repparttar 105768 Ace of Swords,repparttar 105769 Ten of Swords andrepparttar 105770 Nine of Swords. Of them all, possiblyrepparttar 105771 worst one, in terms of sheer bad luck isrepparttar 105772 Ten of Swords, which can indicate cruelty from another person. The Ten of Swords usually indicates that a strange twist of fate as well asrepparttar 105773 wresting of control of your life into another's hands. The Nine of Swords, onrepparttar 105774 other hand, indicates an emotional anguish that may be perpetrated byrepparttar 105775 questioner. In other words you may be doing it to yourself by holding on to a drama or an emotional drama fromrepparttar 105776 past. In some ways that card is actually lucky as it shows that you holdrepparttar 105777 key to your own psychological prison and haverepparttar 105778 power to let yourself out. When I seerepparttar 105779 Nine of Swords in a reading, I know there is still hope forrepparttar 105780 individual to regain control over his or her life. It usual indicates thatrepparttar 105781 person is willingly relinquishing or giving control to someone else. This is much different thanrepparttar 105782 Ten of Swords indicates thatrepparttar 105783 questioner is truly more helpless, may be suffering a genuine loss or isrepparttar 105784 victim of genuine cruelty. Saturn,repparttar 105785 planet of discipline and limitations, rulesrepparttar 105786 Ace of Swords. Although this card can represent a loss, it is also a card that bodesrepparttar 105787 swift, just and righteous conclusion of a matter. There is not usually great suffering along withrepparttar 105788 Ace of Swords althoughrepparttar 105789 changes it can bring can be a bit of a shock torepparttar 105790 nervous system ofrepparttar 105791 questioner. This card also has a positive twist to inrepparttar 105792 sense that it can mean that you have paid a huge debt to your Bank of Karma. Ultimately,repparttar 105793 Ace of Swords represents a change. For better or worse, this change is usuallyrepparttar 105794 right one for you. The Devil card does not always bode gloom and doom. Sometimes it means fun and games. It representsrepparttar 105795 most playful part of human nature. It represents all Seven ofrepparttar 105796 Deadly Sins. If you don't like food, sex and material things, then you might definitely seerepparttar 105797 devil card as being bad. In a love reading it can mean that a relationship will finally be consummated orrepparttar 105798 beginning of an affair. It can also be seen as a good card in a business reading as it can meanrepparttar 105799 signing of a contract. It can also represent a manipulative move that is about to be made that is actually to one's advantage. As it is a card that represents civilization and man's triumph over nature (often interpreted by many as God's intentions), it bodes well for creativity, innovation and invention.

How Psychic Are You?

Written by Sam Stevens

To find out how psychic you are, try answeringrepparttar following questions. Have you been attracted torepparttar 105757 occult ever since you were a child? Do you often complete other people's sentences for them? Do you always buyrepparttar 105758 perfect birthday gift or Christmas present even though they haven't told you what they wanted? Have you ever thought about something that you wanted and then miraculously had it pop into your liferepparttar 105759 next day? This could be something very simple such asrepparttar 105760 desire for a certain kind of Chinese food or a pair of shoes. When you think about people do you shortly receive a phone call from them afterwards? Do you "talk" inside your head to a deceased relative, such an aunt or grandfather who you feel is like a guardian angel watching over you. Do you feel nausea and other symptoms of physical distress when you are near a cemetery or other places where people are deceased? Have you ever had a dream and had it come true? Have you ever sensed when someone has died? Can you tellrepparttar 105761 history of an object just by picking up? Do you cry a lot at a sad movie? Do you seem to attractrepparttar 105762 walking wounded (troubled people such as alcoholics or addicts), more so than most people in life? Have you ever wonrepparttar 105763 lottery by guessing a couple of numbers dead on? Have you ever been in bed and felt as if your soul was leaving your body and that you were looking down at yourself fromrepparttar 105764 ceiling? Have you ever had epilepsy, brain damage or manic depression? Were any of your ancestors psychics? Assign yourself 1 point for each question to which you replied yes. If your score is seven points or less than you are not unusually psychic. You were born withrepparttar 105765 natural radar possessed by most humans. If your score is between eight and twelve points than you are definitely an intuitive and have an ability that can be cultivated into something more. Others are probably drawn to you because of your empathy. If you scored between thirteen and sixteen points then you are unusually talented and should explore a career as a professional healer, medium or a psychic. An explanation ofrepparttar 105766 results: Most psychics develop an interest inrepparttar 105767 occult very early in life, often even beforerepparttar 105768 age of twelve. Completing other people's sentences for them is a form of highly tuned intuition. Couples do this because they are very connected to each other. Being dead on by giving someone exactly what they want for Christmas is another example of intuition or you "tuning" into another person's thoughts. Having your little wishes come true at justrepparttar 105769 mere thought of them is a rudimentary form of manifestation. An ability to manifest dreams into matter or manifest coincidences is a sign that you are not only in tune with your psychic abilities but also with your higher self.

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