What's So Special About You? Defining Your USP

Written by Lisa Packer

Your prospect is inrepparttar market for a widget, just likerepparttar 145610 one you sell. She surfs over to Google (or picks up her Yellow Pages) and looks up “widgets.”

She is immediately greeted by 15 different widget companies, including yours. How does she go about making her selection? And what can you do to make her more likely to select you?

This is where your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) comes in. Your USP tells Ms. Prospect what is different about you, and why she should choose your product or service over that of your competitor.

So, how do you determine yours?

First, you need to sit down and make a list of allrepparttar 145611 benefits of doing business with you, and those of your particular product or service. Be sure they’re really benefits, and not just features. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: What does your widget do for her? How does it make her feel? What isrepparttar 145612 emotional payoff for her?

Next, you need to have a look atrepparttar 145613 competition. Is there any way your widget is different from theirs? What benefits are they stressing? What are they not talking about?

Simple Way To Become An Information Entrepreneur

Written by Jeff Smith

Do you think there is a difference between someone who writes a fiction manuscript and someone else who authors their own instruction, self-help or "how to" book?

This is an interesting question I've asked to many of my book coaching clients, subscribers and customers for our "Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" (http://www.infoproductcreator.com)

In some cases, people answer no. They don't feel there is any difference. A writer is a writer is a writer.

In other cases, I get a firm "YES", there are differences. Problem is, its sometimes challenging to understand what that difference really is.

If you understand this one difference between fiction writers and non-fiction writers - you will never struggle with your infoproduct business again!

The answer is that there is a very BIG difference, especially between highly successful writers in both fields.

You may have a few great ideas you want to write about.

There is a hungry market just waiting for product like yours, but you freeze when it comes to knowing how to organize, structure and write a product that will sell?

But you get stuck because...

You Are Trying To Write A Story Instead Of Organizing Information

Let me ask you, would it be easier for you to answer 10 questions about a topic, whererepparttar information is often available andrepparttar 145540 question is well understood?

Or, would it be easier for you to come up with 20 pages of a written story on your chosen topic?

To be honest,repparttar 145541 second option scares crap out of me, and would most people.

Sitting down and crafting characters, a plot, chronological order of messages, what to say onrepparttar 145542 10th page, 15th page is an extremely painful and lengthy task.

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