What's So Real About Reality TV?

Written by David Leonhardt

What's So Real About Reality TV? But some are "personal growth" shows By David Leonhardt

Those people who defendrepparttar intrusive presence of a television in private homes always seem to cite "educational value" as its redeeming grace.

They mentionrepparttar 118188 documentaries they watch allrepparttar 118189 time...which explains why The Feeding Habits ofrepparttar 118190 Gray-haired Stork broke all Nielsen ratings records last month.

They mentionrepparttar 118191 news programs they watch nightly...which explains why they have "intellectual" discussions aboutrepparttar 118192 chimp who drove a little car atrepparttar 118193 charity circus last week.

They mention allrepparttar 118194 arts programs, such asrepparttar 118195 symphony orchestra that played them to sleep last night.

Amazingly, they do not mentionrepparttar 118196 latest phenomenon -- "reality TV". What is so real about reality TV? Put 20 people on an island and tell them to live offrepparttar 118197 land as if they were all on their own. Yeah, like that's real!

But wait, there's more. Make them vote somebody offrepparttar 118198 island each day, so that there are fewer people to helprepparttar 118199 community survive. Brilliant survival strategy.

Or set them up in teams to play "survival games". That will leave them a lot of energy for survival. I'll betrepparttar 118200 tigers and hyenas and alligators salivate to see so much fresh meet wasting so much energy on such trivial activities. They could not have come up with a better meat-farming plan if they tried.

To make it even more real, allrepparttar 118201 participants are brought in front ofrepparttar 118202 camera to comment on each other and deliver a psychological assessment of their experiences. Lights. Camera. Psychology. That's real.

I suppose we would not want a reality TV show that was TOO real. Imagine turning onrepparttar 118203 TV and seeing real life.

"Hey, honey. Check out what's on TV."

"What is it, dear."

"Somebody washing dishes."

"What, again?"


"Go on."

"Don't they ever wash their clothes?"

"NO, just dishes."

"Well sooner or later they'll have to wash their clothes. What doesrepparttar 118204 TV guide say?"

People would probably rather watch other people marrying millionaires than have to facerepparttar 118205 fact that they could enjoy their own lives without having to marry one themselves.

Rockís Oddball Celebrity News

Written by Rocky Ramsey

Rockís Oddball Celebrity News By Rocky Ramsey

According to an interview with Madonna on 20/20, she wants to change her name to Esther, because itís a good Biblical name.

Paris Hiltonís infamous Internet video has been released on DVD. Itís called ď1 Night in Paris.Ē Barbra Streisand, that great humanitarian, sued a guy for $10 million last year because he took pictures of her house. After she lost her case, she was ordered to pay him $177,000 for his legal fees. - One forrepparttar little guys!

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