What's REALLY Required To Start An Online Home Business?

Written by Gerald Shaw

Everywhere I turn onrepparttar Internet, there's someone trying to sell me something.

People are being suckered into spending literally thousands of dollars on info products, unnecessary software and "killer marketing tools" that will supposedly increase your online revenue.

Unfortunately, 95% of Internet businesses fail withinrepparttar 117980 first year due to their misinformed marketing advice, strategies, and lack of directional support.

Here it is... once and for all,repparttar 117981 REAL list of Internet essentials. What you TRULY need in order to succeed online withrepparttar 117982 minimum of investment.

1) Desire. It starts withrepparttar 117983 goal in mind which pumps adrenaline around your body every time you visage whatrepparttar 117984 future has in store for you. Every time you think about success, you need to KNOW that you haverepparttar 117985 ability to achieve it. And you will.

2) Motivation. You haverepparttar 117986 goal, but what aboutrepparttar 117987 drive? Where'srepparttar 117988 tenacity to keep you going? Keep 100% dedicated at all times. Whenever you have a lazy moment, you need to visualize your goals in order to stay on track and not drift off course.

3) Time. Lots of it. If you're underrepparttar 117989 false illusion that just an hour a day will be enough to turn your dreams into a reality, then you're going to be waiting a heck of a long time to achieve them. I've worked from 6am till 11pm many times dedicating myself torepparttar 117990 Internet... this is not "get rich quick". Only effort produces success.

4) Your own PC computer system (or equivalent) connected torepparttar 117991 Internet. You need to have access to a phone line at all times so you can dial-up and do some work online whenever you need to.

Keep one machine just for work, and try not to let your friends or children use it for other purposes. After all, it's your business machine andrepparttar 117992 data you have on it will be very important.

5) Knowledge. I'm not talking about an academic education, I'm talking about real-world business knowledge that you can put to use. Do you know how to register your business? How about dealing with tax issues and book keeping? And how much do you actually know aboutrepparttar 117993 Internet?

Do you know how it works... how to develop your own website... how to automate your online income... how to market your products/services effectively?

This can be scary forrepparttar 117994 average person.

I maderepparttar 117995 mistake of putting my impatience before my research and making a pigs-ear of myself when I realised I knew nothing about accounting or keeping business records. Don't makerepparttar 117996 same mistake.

6) A definite plan. Many people just have money on their mind and think constantly cycling through affiliate programs and other opportunities will produce success for them. I can tell you from experience that onlyrepparttar 117997 people with sure-fire plans ever succeed.

After all, how can you end up where you want to be if you don't even know how you're going to get there?

7) Your own business model. Many people say for true financial independence you need your own products or services. I say that's rubbish. Instead, what's more important is you have your own *Business Model*.

What I mean is a definite model that you'll work with. If you can successfully market "onrepparttar 117998 shelf" sites and integrate your affiliate alliances, then there's no reason why you can't produce just as much success.

What Do You Mean - "WORK"?

Written by Gail Hornback

You probably know by now thatrepparttar Get Rich Quick Programs are a dime a dozen! ( At least I hope you do!) Atrepparttar 117979 same time,,you're probably also hearing that if you are going to make something of this internet business, it's going to take some work. ( At least I hope you are!) There are always two sides to every story, and this one is no different! You have to decide for yourself which side to believe!

I tend to lean towardrepparttar 117980 second option. But when you hear about this "work", does anyone ever explain in detail what that "work" is exactly?

I can only tell you what I have discovered that it is for me. If you're interested, then please read on! If not, then you can go back to checking out your Get Rich Schemes!!!

1. BUILD YOUR SITE First of all, I will not tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary,( but it is not far from it) that you have your own website. Whatever product or service you are offering, whether it is your own, or you are a rep for someone else, it is always going to be to your advantage to get up your own website. This isrepparttar 117981 beginning of work!

A website that is productive takes almost daily care. Of course, you first need to create it. And there are many avenues for that. (see below) But whether you create it yourself, or have someone else to do it for you, any website takes maintenance. Your site must live and grow and change, or your visitors will not come back. You must keep it updated withrepparttar 117982 latest information, new products, freebies, etc. to meet your visitors' needs. This means spending time searching, and researching. A website is NEVER finished!!!

If you're a beginner, there are some excellent sites that offer site-building utilities for free. These are a great way to get started. They are NOT a great place to stay, though! Get your feet wet and learn. Then move on to a REAL site. I know that for most of us we needrepparttar 117983 "free" stuff to get started. But keep in mind that you really will want to get your own domain name, and get away from free hosting as soon as you can. I know from experience: The free hosting will work against you inrepparttar 117984 long run. ( If you want to know more details, you are welcome to contact me atrepparttar 117985 address below!)

Here are some free site building and hosting resources: http://www.homestead.com http://www.terrashare.com/join/momworks/RK8875545468 http://www.bizland.com/newsite/webhosting/hostin_signup.htm? AffID=1627598&LinkName=newsletter

2. PROMOTE YOUR SITE Now, you're talking WORK! This is where you will spend most of your time, in one way or another. a. Submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Do this once a month b. Write a classified ad about your site, submit it to as many classified ad sites as you can. Some will need to be submitted daily. Others weekly, monthly, etc. c. Create a newsletter that accompanies your site. Publish AT LEAST weekly, if not more often. Submit it to as many ezine directories as you can find. Write a classified ad and submit it along with your site ad! Keeprepparttar 117986 content fresh, useful and informative. ( Here comesrepparttar 117987 searching and researching again!) d. Find other sites and/or newsletters that will trade links or ads with you .( More searching and researching!)

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