What's In An LCD Display?

Written by Demetria Zinga

Who needs an LCD display? Well, if you’re like me, having one huge hunk of a monitor sitting on your desktop is just not feasible. Not only does it take up desk space, but there’s just simply no need for all ofrepparttar physical mass, right? Welcome LCD displays—the computer monitors ofrepparttar 147861 present and future. From year to year these computer peripherals tend to get smaller and thinner in size with twicerepparttar 147862 power and benefits. Well, stay onrepparttar 147863 look out for more to come because I am certain that our current flat monitors have not reached their journey’s end yet. An LCD (which stands for liquid crystal display, byrepparttar 147864 way) works much differently than your CRT, mostly because they don’t project light, and therefore use much smaller units during display.

Let’s talk aboutrepparttar 147865 benefits of a flat monitor: 1.)They produce less heat 2.)They use less electricity 3.)Because they use digital signals,repparttar 147866 display is sharper and clean 4.)Speakers are generally included inrepparttar 147867 screen, so you don’t have to worry about cluttering your desk with speakers anymore

Back Up Your Data or Lose Your Life!

Written by Demetria Zinga

Ohrepparttar perils of collecting those precious photos on your PC for years, only to have your hard drive crash one day, and not have made a SINGLE BACKUP COPY of any of your priceless pictures. Well, now isrepparttar 147860 time to backup your hard drive. A few simple steps will set you on your way…so let’s not think about it anymore: let’s DO it.

There are several ways you can backup your PC data. 1.)CD’s and DVD’s are one ofrepparttar 147861 simplest ways to go. It’s a very simple process to pop in a CD-ROM and burn a copy of your important information, but there’s a catch: you’ll have to be disciplined enough to do this on a regular basis. You’ll also have to burn new CD’s weekly in order to keep up withrepparttar 147862 new information you’ve just stored on your PC forrepparttar 147863 past week and this can get rather expensive as you go out to buy new CD-ROMS every month. So there are other solutions… 2.)Another way to go, is to purchase an external hard drive. You can drag and rop all of our new data onto your hard drive and it will replacerepparttar 147864 old data. This way you don’t have to burn new CD’s or DVD’s for each backup. However, you still have to be disciplined enough to remember to do this each week…so there is yet another solution. 3.)If you have Windows XP Professional, you can use what is called Microsoft Backup, a utility that lets you create backups of data that you choose and be able to run these backups on schedule. The only disadvantage to using Microsoft Backup is that you must use your backups withrepparttar 147865 same operating system. For example, if your Windows ME hard drive crashed, you couldn’t use a backup you created there in Windows XP.

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