What's Holding You Back?

Written by Joi Sigers

What isrepparttar one thing that is keeping you from your biggest aspiration(s) in life? The thing that stands like a brick wall between you and your goals? If you're like most people, your answer resembled one ofrepparttar 143523 following:

"I don't have enough confidence." "I'm not determined enough." "Not smart enough." "I CANNOT speak in public." "I'm too laid back." "I've got a rotten temper." "Not enough money."

We get so weighed down by what we don't have that we don't realize, publicize, and capitalize on what we do have.

NO ONE hasrepparttar 143524 corner on allrepparttar 143525 traits, qualities or possessions. But EVERYONE has at least one. It's time to start shiningrepparttar 143526 spotlight on what's right about you. When you do, you'll see that you have far more than just one great quality - you have plenty!

Atrepparttar 143527 start, I asked you to bring to mind what you think is holding you back. The reason I did this was to give yourepparttar 143528 opportunity to think about it ONE LAST TIME. You aren't going to give itrepparttar 143529 time of day ever again. Throw it out of your mind's window. (One ofrepparttar 143530 top windows, so it'll make a terrific crash when it hits bottom!)

You are going to begin TODAY thinking aboutrepparttar 143531 wonderful qualities you have instead. Think about them often -repparttar 143532 more often,repparttar 143533 better. These positive thoughts carry a lot of power and each time you dwell upon them, you empower yourself and your life.

We all have, within our minds, an AUTORESPONDER set up (for us, by us). It's sort of like an answering machine that automatically plays a message whenever we're faced with complications or challenges. Some messages whine, some yell, some cry, some cuss. A lot of people are fond of "I can't do this!" or "I'm so depressed" while others prefer to whine "Whyyyy meeee??"

Stronger Willpower Today

Written by Steve Gillman

Have you ever wished you had stronger willpower? How can you make yourself stop doing things you don't want to do? There are ways, andrepparttar first thing to do is to redefinerepparttar 143442 concept of willpower.

Self Awareness Instead Of Willpower

It's hard to resist temptation sometimes, isn't it? That piece of cake calls to you. What'srepparttar 143443 simple answer to this? Don't stand in front ofrepparttar 143444 cake! Don't go torepparttar 143445 bar alone if you want a faithful marriage. Don't have whiskey inrepparttar 143446 house if you don't want to drink it. Stay away from people that lead you to trouble.

People often have this idea that willpower must mean being immune to temptation. What if true willpower is not onlyrepparttar 143447 ability to say no, butrepparttar 143448 wisdom to avoid temptation? Become aware of where your resistance is low, and don't put yourself in those situations. Doesn't that make more sense than fighting useless battles with yourself?

Other Ways To Strengthen Willpower

There will be times when you didn't chooserepparttar 143449 situation, of course. Or at least that'srepparttar 143450 excuse you'll use. What can you do then? Try these tips: 1. Immediately begin to imaginerepparttar 143451 consequences of your actions. Give yourself a good scare, if you have to.

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