What's Beyond Your USP?

Written by Joe Vitale

I was onrepparttar phone with my friend Mark Joyner, president of Aesop Marketing, Internet pioneer and best-selling author.

We were talking about a new direction for my career. Now that I've gone throughrepparttar 147281 phases of being a hypnotic writer, an outrageous marketer, a hypnotic marketer and a spiritual marketer, what's next for me?

"What's your USP?" Mark asked me.

A USP is a "unique selling proposition." It's one line that states what you do that is different than what your competition does. Rosser Reeves inventedrepparttar 147282 term inrepparttar 147283 1950s. Dan Kenney, Jay Abraham and myself have used it to help our clients get clear about what their business offers. Mark was helping me to dorepparttar 147284 same thing with my own business.

"I've gone through so many USPs that today I don't even use one," I explained. "I was thinking of just dropping it altogether."

Mark didn't miss a beat.

"What is Wayne Dyer's USP?" he asked me.

"I have no idea," I replied. "He's a self-help author of many best-selling books."

"That's right," Mark said. "And what is Deepak Chopra's USP?"

Again, I couldn't think of one. Deepak is a health oriented author of many best-selling books. But as for his USP, I had no idea. There are other self-help authors and other health authors, so what is unique about Dyer or Chopra is their being, or essence, or brand.

Mark's questions were beginning to help me see that at a certain point you can go beyond a need for a USP. After all, when I thought about this, I couldn't decide whatrepparttar 147285 USP was for Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, or even myself, and we're all spokespeople forrepparttar 147286 need for USPs!

Writing Articles For Fun And Profit

Written by Steve Gillman

Writing articles is possiblyrepparttar best way to generated free traffic to your site. A short article, submitted to a few places, creates permanent streams of traffic. Here are some ofrepparttar 147280 ways articles bring traffic to your website:

1. Click-throughs from article banks. People read your articles at an article bank, and click onrepparttar 147281 link inrepparttar 147282 "author's resource box."

2. Search engine traffic. Search "cheap international plane tickets" on Google, and sites with my article will be inrepparttar 147283 results. Whereverrepparttar 147284 article is found, readers can click through to my travel site.

3. Other web sites. When my reports show a referral address I don't recognize, it's usually a web site that's using one of my articles.

Article Submission - The Basics

Submit your articles to article banks and newsletters. Article banks usually carry "free-distribution "articles, meaning anyone can use them for a site, newsletter or blog. They just can't change them, and they have to leave your link active. The link is inrepparttar 147285 "resource box," where you say something about yourself and inviterepparttar 147286 reader to visit your web site.

Post an article once, and it can spread, creating permanent streams of traffic. Why permanent? Here's an example: I get search traffic for "mexico real estate" on my site HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com because of an article I used. The author gets clicks through to her site, but I get traffic - and revenue - so I'll never remove that article.

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