What's A Niche and Can I Find One Too?

Written by By Vickie J. Scanlon

When I came upon that little word -- Niche -- I wondered, "what is this thing called a Niche -- and most importantly, can I find my own niche too?

What is A Niche

Well, A niche, is a service or product , that fills an unmet customer's need -- that is more of a speciality. You are not competing withrepparttar masses for a sale on an ebook or an affiliate tool. Instead, you carve out a small corner ofrepparttar 145053 market for yourself onrepparttar 145054 Internet.

Well,repparttar 145055 definition was simple, however, finding a niche that I felt comfortable with was going to be a chore, because I wanted to avoidrepparttar 145056 affiliate programs -- and if possible find a company that privately carried their own affiliate program -- withoutrepparttar 145057 quota's andrepparttar 145058 many rules.

How to Find A Niche

When I started looking for a niche market, I started to make a list of my hobbies, what I liked to do, what I was interested in and what I was familiar with -- to help me brainstorm. If this little task does nothing else, it will definitely give you an eye-opener to who you are.

Anyway, whenrepparttar 145059 dust finally settled I realized that I wanted a niche where it would assist others -- perform a service of some sort, and would compliment my current website. Not very decisive, but I had a direction. Then it happened, just by chance, or maybe it was divine intercession -- anyway, I received a personal email from one ofrepparttar 145060 assistant manager's from DentalPlans -- stating that she liked my website and wondered if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

I looked at their website andrepparttar 145061 affiliate plan -- and I knew that this affiliate program was for me.

Here's What DentalPlan Offers

1. High conversion rate -- 1-5% percent conversion ratio from click thrus.

Donít you sometimes wish it was easier to find quality Free Internet Marketing tools?

Written by Ryan Blake

Donít you sometimes wish it was easier to find quality Free Internet Marketing tools?

Internet Marketing is such a tricky business and well as it is in any business... time is money. So if you can save a buck on some good quality, tried and tested products then why not give them a go.

Here's my top 10 list of products and why they deserve to be there.

10:Advanced HTML Optimizer. http://www.aevita.com/web/htmlopt/

I bet you hate browsing on a slow website that takes forever to load. This tool is great, not only does it really speed up your website but it also makes it unreadable to outsiders trying to steal your HTML code or products.

9:PD Photo. http://pdphoto.org/

This is amazing resource which I use allrepparttar time to find great pictures for my ever growing list of websites. Most of them are free so just readrepparttar 144929 licence agreement under each ofrepparttar 144930 enlarged pictures, just in case.

8:Easy Monitor. http://www.easymonitor.com/

If you website goes down then you most definitly want to know about it for then how else can anyone opt-in to your mailing list or buy any of your products. This product monitors your website 24 hour a day 7 days a week and notifies you when it goes down.

7:Go2PDF. http://www.go2pdf.com/product.html

This application creates PDF documents simply and easily and best of all there's no advertising.

6:TemplatesBox. http://www.templatesbox.com/templates.htm

This is a great resource with over 40 quality website templates to choose from which you can simply cut and paste into a website editor.

5:MojoFAQ. http://www.mojoscripts.com/products/mojofaq/index.shtml

We all hate giving refunds andrepparttar 144931 best way to prevent that is by having a very good FAQ ( Frequently asked Questions ) section on your Web page. I personally use this on all my Web pages.

4:Xenu's Link Sleuth. http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html

The last thing you want are broken links on your website for it leaves a bad impression and is unprofessional. This program checks your site and gives you a list of all your broken links so you can sort them out ASAP.

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