What's 200 Words Have To Do With Your Computer?

Written by Maria Marsala

When I worked on Wall Street, I considered a move from one type of bond department to a new type of department. Even though I had been successful inrepparttar industry for 7 years, I was still afraid I that I wouldn't know how to be successful in my new department. Then I spoke with one ofrepparttar 133568 other traders, George Adelle, who was also moving torepparttar 133569 new department, about my fears. He said I'd do fine... I'd just need to learn some new words and a different way to dorepparttar 133570 math on this security. This conversation forced me to think and what I ended up realizing was that all that separates one thing from another is learning 200 new words! That's not only true for securities... it's true for so many things in life.

Take computers. They come with 200 new words you need to learn. Using email means learning a list of 200 acronyms. Each new program comes with its own 200 words to learn. Actually each new "thing" in life seems to come with its own 200 words! Next time you're about to stress out as you learn something new, remember... its just 200 new words!

Why Leave Token-Ring?

Written by Andy Quick

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Why Leave Token-Ring? Andy Quick

One day I was having a discussion with a telecommunications director, swapping stories about network projects we were each working on. "We propose to spend $100,000 replacing all of our token-ring local area networks throughoutrepparttar 133567 system next year.", he said. "Token-Ring is old, out dated junk that has reachedrepparttar 133568 end of its life." "So what?", I responded. "Just because something is old doesn't mean it needs to be replaced." "Come on.", he responded, "Token-Ring completely limitsrepparttar 133569 ability of new applications onrepparttar 133570 desktop to take advantage of client-server and web-based applications. PC's are useless on Token-Ring networks." "I completely disagree", I argued. "I'll bet you're about to waste some of your company's money on this project." Before you decide to make a blanket switch from a Token-Ring architecture to Ethernet, analyzerepparttar 133571 costs, benefits, and risks.

Show Me The Money

"What money are you saving by switching to Ethernet?", I asked my colleague. "What'srepparttar 133572 financial justification?". "Like I said", he responded, "Ethernet is cheaper and faster. Over time, our company will spend less on keepingrepparttar 133573 networks up." Although this may be true, investing $100,000 without quantifyingrepparttar 133574 benefits up front may mean you're throwing money downrepparttar 133575 drain. We shouldn't rely on our gut to make these types of spending decisions. Unfortunately, many technology professionals attempt to justify projects using qualitative benefits. Always strive to convert qualitative benefits into hard numbers. "That would be nice, but it would take forever to quantifyrepparttar 133576 benefits" he said. "This is a strategic project. You really can't put a value on this type of initiative." I totally disagree. But rather than argue further, I decided to performrepparttar 133577 analysis onrepparttar 133578 spot withrepparttar 133579 help of my colleague.

Identify Conversion Costs

Before you can determine whether switching from Token-Ring to Ethernet makes sense, you have to identifyrepparttar 133580 costs ofrepparttar 133581 actual conversion. Usually, these are easy to quantify. My friend provided me withrepparttar 133582 following figures:

Per PC,repparttar 133583 conversion costs are:

Labor - $75 Cabling - $200 (they're running category I cabling and need to convert to category 5)

Per floor,repparttar 133584 conversion costs are:

Ethernet switch - $150 (includes labor)

Per site,repparttar 133585 conversion costs are:

Intra-floor cabling - $200 (includes labor)

The next question I asked was how many sites, floors per site, and PC's per floor were inrepparttar 133586 scope of his project. He again provided me with good numbers:

Site A - 5 floors, 20 PC's per floor Site B - 1 floor, 50 PC's per floor Site C - 3 floors, 17 PC's per floor Site D - 8 floors, 22 PC's per floor

Sorepparttar 133587 entire project cost would be calculated as follows:

Site A Conversion Cost = $200 + (5 x $150) + (5 x 20 x $275) = $28,450 Site B Conversion Cost = (1 x $150) + (50 x $275) = $13,900 Site C Conversion Cost = $200 + (3 x $150) + (3 x 17 x $275) = $14,675 Site D Conversion Cost = $200 + (8 x $150) + (8 x 22 x $275) = $49,800

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