What’s the point of meditating?

Written by graham and julie

What are you likely to gain from meditating?


•It improvesrepparttar power of your concentration. •Calms you down. •And enables you to know what you want out of life and how to achieve it.

In our experience, we each have two sides of us, two YOUS if you prefer.

ONE YOU: wants to be successful and hasrepparttar 143929 ability of giving you allrepparttar 143930 help and encouragement you need.

THE OTHER YOU: wants you to be an all so ran. Mediocre and that one will also give you allrepparttar 143931 help and encouragement you need to be mediocre.

The question is: Which of these have you chosen to work with? Which of these have you activated. Which of these have you given credence and credibility to.

Ask yourself:

When did you last say you would do something but never did?

When did you say that you volunteer for a task only to find that whilst you were procrastinating another person tookrepparttar 143932 opportunity and made it?

When wasrepparttar 143933 last time you broke a promise to your colleague, your partner or your children?

If you can identify with all or some of these behaviours then you have chosen to live withrepparttar 143934 You that is less powerful. As a result will find it difficult to reachrepparttar 143935 goals you have set for yourself in this life.

Success comes fromrepparttar 143936 ability to concentrate on your strengths.

How do you do this?

Solve Problems Using A Word List

Written by Steve Gillman

To creatively solve problems you need to get your mind looking in new directions. You can systematically do this by using a list of words, primarily adjectives, to create "what if?" scenarios. You start withrepparttar question, "what if it was..." and then insert a word fromrepparttar 143830 list. The "it" inrepparttar 143831 question isrepparttar 143832 problem you're trying to solve, orrepparttar 143833 solution or situation that exists now.

Using "What If" To Solve Problems

An example will help explainrepparttar 143834 process. Assume your house is too crowded because you're running your business from it. You ask, "What if it was..." and insert fromrepparttar 143835 word list, "smaller." The house is already too small, but couldrepparttar 143836 business be smaller? The word "divided" might give yourepparttar 143837 idea to keeprepparttar 143838 business in just one part ofrepparttar 143839 house.

Most words onrepparttar 143840 list won't help, so you can go throughrepparttar 143841 irrelevant ones quickly. Don't automatically dismiss them, though, without a few seconds consideration. "What if it was hopeless?" may seem like a useless question, or it may make you realize that you just can't keeprepparttar 143842 business inrepparttar 143843 house any longer.

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