What’s in a Name?

Written by Martin Wood

A name can make of break a web site. I am of course talking about a Domain name.

You may think there is nothing to it. Pick a catchy domain name that rolls offrepparttar tongue, check that it is available and if it is go ahead and buy it. It couldn’t be any harder that that can it?

Well, yes it can. Just stop and think for a minute. You have boughtrepparttar 134383 domain name, designed and built a great looking website, and launched it out onto that great world wide web. You have got a great Reciprocal Link Exchange on your site and you have reached a reasonable Google Page Rank.

Then you decide to get an Auto responder to have a mailing list, and that is when your troubles start! Let me tell you my story…

I don’t know if you have heard of Stone Evans –repparttar 134384 Home Biz Guy? He runsrepparttar 134385 Plug in Profit Site. http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-3509 Well I bought into his business. I had to decide on a domain name before he built my website. I choserepparttar 134386 name martinsoffers.com. I though that was quite cool as my name is Martin and my site would be advertising offers.

Part ofrepparttar 134387 Plug in Profit Site is you get your own Auto Responder, filled with a 360 day newsletter ready for when you sign up subscribers. I went ahead and bought a good quality leads package and loaded them into my auto responder.

All was going well. Or so I thought.

After a while, I noticed I was not getting any response from my good quality leads (on average you should expect around 1% sign up atrepparttar 134388 very least). I did some searching around, mainly inrepparttar 134389 Warrior Forum which is part ofrepparttar 134390 membership package ofrepparttar 134391 Plug in Profit Site. There I saw a series of posts onrepparttar 134392 American Anti Spam Laws and repparttar 134393 effects it was having onrepparttar 134394 newsletters.

7 Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

Written by Kyle Dusang

With literally thousands of web hosting companies inrepparttar industry all vieing for your business, carefully consider these key points to ensure you makerepparttar 134382 most well informed decision possible.

1. Server Space

First, think about how much space your site will take up on a server. Unless you are planning on running a software repository or an image gallery,repparttar 134383 files that make up your website will probably only use between 1 and 5 megabytes of disk space. Many companies will offer several hundreds of megabytes of webspace for a very reasonable price in attempt to out perform their competitors, but ask yourself "Do I really need that much space?". Though it's true that you should allow your site "room to grow", don't opt for what seems like a great deal on a massively sized account if you'll never use all ofrepparttar 134384 space offered. Chances are you'll find an even better deal on an amount of space more suitable for your site size.

2. Data Transfer Allowance

This decision should be based onrepparttar 134385 same principal as above. Though you may be convinced that your site will berepparttar 134386 next Amazon or Yahoo and receive a gazillion visitors a day, you really shouldn't need an extremely high data transfer allowance unless, as stated above, you're running a software download site or a large image gallery. Even heavily trafficked normal HTML sites usually only use a few gigabytes per month in bandwidth allowance. Don't go overboard just because it seems like an awesome deal. You may also want to be wary of companies who offer "unlimited" data transfer as there are usually some fine-print stipulations that make this claim not entirely true. Be sure to read their terms and conditions very carefully before opting for this type of account. A five or ten gigabyte bandwidth allowance is usually plenty enough for a small to medium sized business or personal site.

3. Technical Support

A very important point to consider when choosing a web host isrepparttar 134387 types of technical support offered byrepparttar 134388 company and how easy they are to contact when you need them. Ideally, a company should offer 24/7 toll-free telephone support and email. I have seen companies that do not even offer a telephone number on their website. You should look for a company that is very easily accessible in your time of need. Nothing is more frustrating than being inrepparttar 134389 middle of working on your site and needing an important piece of information to finishrepparttar 134390 job and not being able to contact your hosting company to find it out.

4. CGI-Bin Access

No matter what type of site you are planning on running, chances are you will eventually need to install some type of CGI script. Whether it be a mailing list management script, contact form processor, or maybe even a fancy credit card processing script, your hosting account will need to allow you to install and run them. This requires access to a special folder on your server called "CGI-Bin". Some hosting accounts will only allow you to use "pre-installed" scripts as a security measure. These are scripts thatrepparttar 134391 owners ofrepparttar 134392 company have installed and configured so that they know that they will work properly and not adversely affect their server's performance. That may be all you need, but if you haverepparttar 134393 knowledge, it's always nice to haverepparttar 134394 ability to install your own scripts and configure them to suit your individual needs. You should also be sure thatrepparttar 134395 account you choose supportsrepparttar 134396 language in which your scripts are written, such as PHP, Perl, etc.

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