What’s behind the Explosive Growth in Distance Learning?

Written by Rose

There is a ground swell of support globally to supportrepparttar growth of distance learning. Market research firms, government agencies, public and private companies, and even venture capital firms – those companies that invest in new and emerging businesses – all agree that distance learning’s future is very bright, and a good investment opportunity as well.

All this translates into a bright future for anyone looking at distance learning to accomplish their career, educational, and learning objectives. Chances are if there isn’t a program in place today for your specific needs, there will be one – soon. This article explains howrepparttar 148197 perfect storm is brewing for distance learning, in a very positive way. Several market factors are presented here, along with research from research and government agencies that show that distance learning is here to stay and may someday surpass traditional classroom attendance approaches to learning.

What’s driving Distance Learning growth?

Considerrepparttar 148198 following statistics from International Data Corporation onrepparttar 148199 market for distance learning – these figures and others are making many traditional colleges and universities re-vamp their courses and degree programs to make them available online.

  • There are 133 million U.S. adults or 66% ofrepparttar 148200 adult population, which have Internet access today. That’s over halfrepparttar 148201 entire U.S. population and serves as a strong incentive for colleges and universities to re-vamp their programs to support this untapped educational market.

  • According to International Data Corporation, over 90% of college students accessrepparttar 148202 Internet, with 50% accessingrepparttar 148203 Web daily, and this is on a global scale. Colleges and universities have also found that to stay relevant to their traditional students, they have had to create online and distance learning programs quickly to stay up with their learning needs.

Is Pursuing a Degree Online really for you? Who Should and Who Should Not?

Written by Rose Musyoka

Stanford University’s Online Lessons Learned

Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development has recently completed a survey of those that have been successful in completing online degree programs globally. The results of their research provide useful guidance for anyone considering an online program. The findings of their research are summarized here:

  • Best for motivated, self-directed students who have a definite goal. The Stanford survey confirms thatrepparttar best students are those that don’t need constant attention and guidance, and most importantly, have a clear goal for their educational degree.

  • Online learning attracts students who would not otherwise have taken courses.The survey shows that it is definitely an either-or situation for many students – many don’t take classes at all unless they are offered online.

  • Need for recognition and achievement.Stanford has found thatrepparttar 148196 most effective students for online programs like to compete for high marks online and eventually earn a degree that is delivered to them anywhere inrepparttar 148197 world.

  • High need for autonomy. Stanford’s results show that any student who prizes their autonomy over being overly socially involved excels at online learning programs.

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