What’s The Best Network Marketing Opportunity For You?

Written by Lana Hampton

Are you looking for a good network marketing opportunity? Want to tap intorepparttar secrets of Internet billionaires? Wish to be a top revenue maker? Then you should follow inrepparttar 136937 footsteps of successful marketers, and do what they do – find a network marketing opportunity that feels tailor-made for you.

But you should exercise extreme discretion while choosing your network marketing opportunity. Make sure you don’t waste your time, money and efforts. Here are a few ways to decide if a network marketing opportunity is right for you or not.

Look for programs that depend primarily onrepparttar 136938 actual value and need forrepparttar 136939 products – not onrepparttar 136940 "opportunity" for you to make money. Inrepparttar 136941 latter situation,repparttar 136942 program is often actually a pyramid device whererepparttar 136943 money is locked in byrepparttar 136944 company and a small group of upline distributors.

Like in any other market, you should take into considerationrepparttar 136945 normal dynamics of supply and demand. Beware ifrepparttar 136946 program allows unlimited recruiting of distributors with no territorial protection or other provisions for preventing market saturation.

Reviewrepparttar 136947 products on offer and ask yourself if they can be sold inrepparttar 136948 market on its own merit withoutrepparttar 136949 network marketing opportunity. Make surerepparttar 136950 products are consistent in quality and all health claims are backed by reliable research.


Written by Thom Reece

© Copyright 2002-05 Thom Reece All Rights Reserved

In 1974 when I wroterepparttar first edition of "Magic Methods of Recruiting Commission Salespeople™" (Pelican Press) I covered what was then a relatively new concept:


That fact had somehow been lost on allrepparttar 136766 mlm management teams ofrepparttar 136767 time. In fact, they worked very hard at trying to convince their organizations that "selling" was unnecessary and that people would flock to their opportunity if only they learned aboutrepparttar 136768 "cutting-edge" new productsrepparttar 136769 company had created.

Balderdash! ... Clear that junk out of your mind right now. If you don't approach sponsoring as a *selling process* you are doomed to long term failure. Period!

Allrepparttar 136770 conventional tools of professional salesmanship apply torepparttar 136771 recruiting process. In fact, givenrepparttar 136772 overall importance of recruiting, to your ultimate success or failure as a mlm distributor, I will go so far as to say that if you are to excel in sponsoring new distributors to your network... you simply *must* develop a high level of understanding and expertise in professional sales.

Please note that I am not talking about high-pressure, beat them overrepparttar 136773 head selling techniques. If you have to pound your prospect intorepparttar 136774 sand to get him/her to sign up for your program... you are wasting a lot of time and energy for nothing. These types of sponsorship activities do not win long term converts... they make for begrudging failures who will only eat up your valuable time trying to trainrepparttar 136775 non-trainable and teachrepparttar 136776 unteachable.

Consultative Recruiting™ involves gently leadingrepparttar 136777 prospect to realize that by getting involved with your opportunity they will more rapidly achieve their greater goals of: financial independence, improved lifestyle, security, happiness, health & wellness, etc.

Consultative Recruiting™involvesrepparttar 136778 top-level, persuasive techniques of great consultative salespeople. The techniques are basic to any good selling system:

1. Generate high quality, targeted, sales leads and an automated system for immediate personalized response to their interest or inquiry.

2. Questioning and Qualifying methods that exposerepparttar 136779 true underlying values, wishes, dreams, desires, and goals of your prospect.

3. Presenting your opportunity in its best possible light using tons of benefits that directly address your prospects concerns about:

  • your credibility and believability

  • product quality

  • company stability and integrity

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