What’s All This DAB Radio Stuff Anyway?

Written by Ian Poole

DAB digital radio isrepparttar new medium for sound broadcasting. Now well established in many countries aroundrepparttar 133412 world, new DAB radios are hittingrepparttar 133413 market. While these new radios are still a little more expensive than those that receiverepparttar 133414 older analogue AM and FM transmissions, they offerrepparttar 133415 significant improvements that come with DAB digital radio.

Advantages Possiblyrepparttar 133416 most important advantage forrepparttar 133417 listener isrepparttar 133418 near CD audio quality that DAB can bring. Hiss and fading are now a thing ofrepparttar 133419 past. Not only isrepparttar 133420 quality better butrepparttar 133421 more stations can be accommodated withinrepparttar 133422 available space and this means that there is a much greater degree of choice.

Another important facility provided by DAB digital radio is its data capability. Data is transmitted alongsiderepparttar 133423 main audio and this can be displayed on a screen that many DAB sets have built in. This may berepparttar 133424 title of a song being broadcast, a plot summary for a play, up torepparttar 133425 minute sports results, or whateverrepparttar 133426 broadcaster feels is appropriate. In fact some stations scroll news headlines acrossrepparttar 133427 screen, or provide other useful free information including Electronic Programme Guides.

Not only doesrepparttar 133428 system bring many advantages forrepparttar 133429 listener, but it also helpsrepparttar 133430 broadcaster. Lower power levels are required forrepparttar 133431 transmitters. This saves considerably onrepparttar 133432 cost ofrepparttar 133433 electricity. This is particularly important for large national networks likerepparttar 133434 BBC and others. With transmitters often using 100 kW and more,repparttar 133435 costs for running these transmitters are very high. Also by reducingrepparttar 133436 power consumed, it helpsrepparttar 133437 environment.

Another advantage is that DAB uses what is termed a Single Frequency Network. This means that all transmitters inrepparttar 133438 same network userepparttar 133439 same frequency without interfering with each other. Currently a national network using VHF FM, for example, has to use a number of frequencies so thatrepparttar 133440 transmissions do not interfere. DAB Digital Radio does not need this andrepparttar 133441 space needed forrepparttar 133442 broadcasts is much less. This also brings another advantage forrepparttar 133443 mobile listener because there is no need to retunerepparttar 133444 receiver onto another frequency when moving out ofrepparttar 133445 coverage area of one transmitter intorepparttar 133446 next.

Technology DAB Digital Radio works by convertingrepparttar 133447 sounds into a digital format. Once in this format they can be manipulated using digital signal processing techniques to compress and manipulaterepparttar 133448 signal. Furthermore whenrepparttar 133449 signal is transmitted error correction techniques can be used to ensure that oncerepparttar 133450 data representingrepparttar 133451 sounds is transmitted, it is received correctly atrepparttar 133452 receiver.

Encountering the third generation of DVD format

Written by Dana Scripca

It won't last too long untilrepparttar third generation of DVD format to be unveiled. Your DVD player will play a well-performing disc with high-storage capacity. The upcoming Media-Tech Expo, Las Vegas, USA, will surely clarify this topical issue.

The upcoming Media-Tech Expo May 10–12, 2005 in Las Vegas, USA will be a crucial moment in deciding what DVD format will berepparttar 133411 succesor ofrepparttar 133412 actual DVDs. It will be HD-DVD? Orrepparttar 133413 Blu-ray Disk? Beforerepparttar 133414 end of 2005, more likely in 2006,repparttar 133415 standard format will be decided for good. The competition betweenrepparttar 133416 HD-DVD and Blu-ray is in full swing now.

The overwhelming increase of portable DVD players led to a even higher rise of DVDs industry. In 2003, almost 4 billion prerecorded DVDs were produced. This number is calculated to increase to 7 billion in 2006. The same for recordable DVDs market: DVD±R, DVD±RW. While in 2003 just 908 million disks were produced, it is estimated a double growth rate in 2004 (and about 4 billion estimated in 2006).

This year edition, from Frankfurt, manufacturing technology forrepparttar 133417 third generation of optical storage media has been debated. More than 1,400 people joined 2004 edition. At upcoming 2005 edition, concepts for replication lines and single components forrepparttar 133418 manufacturing of HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc will be introduced. Media-Tech Expo isrepparttar 133419 leading annual tradeshow forrepparttar 133420 media manufacturing industry.

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