What?!? No bananas?

Written by David Leonhardt

"Where are your bananas?" It seemed like a logical question to ask. For all of my forty trips aroundrepparttar sun, bananas were a key item to place inrepparttar 118265 grocery cart. Forrepparttar 118266 first time I could recall,repparttar 118267 banana bin was empty. So I asked a store worker whererepparttar 118268 bananas were.

"We don't have any," he replied. "We'll be getting some in tomorrow."

It took me a few moments to absorb this information. "What do you mean you don't have any?" I thought. "Every store has bananas." True, sometimes they are almost green enough to pass for bent cucumbers. And they occasionally appear to have lost an arm-wrestling match with a watermelon. But there are always bananas of some sort inrepparttar 118269 store.

Then it dawned on me just how foolish my expectations were. I live well north of New York City. Even if somebody invented a way to cultivate them inrepparttar 118270 Great White North, it was early April, and they would not bear fruit at that time of year. For goodness sake, outsiderepparttar 118271 snow was falling and inside I was expecting tropical bananas!

If you commute in a big city, you might have noticed traffic grinding to a halt. Why? Look to bananas forrepparttar 118272 answer. Just as I was frustrated by my grocery expectations not being met, millions of commuters are frustrated daily by their traffic expectations not being met.

Consider some ofrepparttar 118273 major machines in your life, such as television. Twenty years ago, we would watch a TV show. Ads would come and ads would go, but we would watch it from start to finish. Who does that these days?

"What were you watching, honey?"

"I dunno. But I think I caught 412 channels."

And if ever you should loserepparttar 118274 converter ... I know, I know, this is a family publication, so we'll cutrepparttar 118275 profanity.

Just Imagine!

Written by jim Peters

Imagine, just for a minute thatrepparttar real world started operating likerepparttar 118264 Internet does.

First, we'd have a choice of two brands of everything. Instead of dozens or even hundreds as we do now. Want soup, it's either brand A. or brand B. Need a new car, again, A. or B. (feel free to substitute IE for brand A. and N for brand B.)

Sure sounds like things would be simpler, and if things went as they should, both A. and B. brands would be doing everything in their power to make their product/services better and less expensive thenrepparttar 118265 other guy. WOW! Can you imagine, a gas war over everything. (For those readers who have never experienced a gas war, it was when 1 gas station dropped it's price to 40 cents per gallon which was 2 cents less thanrepparttar 118266 station acrossrepparttar 118267 street. The station acrossrepparttar 118268 street then went to 38 cents. This went on until we were buying gas for 20 cents per gallon)

Some other very interesting side effects would also occur.

1. If you received a phone call you hadn't requested, you could notifyrepparttar 118269 phone spam police and they would disconnectrepparttar 118270 offending callers telephone.

2. If you opened your snail mail box to find anything addressed to occupant you would be entitled to $50.00 per piece of offending mail to be paid by your postal delivery person.

3. If your electric utility company decided they weren't making enough money or they just got tired of being, your utility company, they could, without warning, close there doors and shut off all their customers leaving them totally inrepparttar 118271 dark, and without recourse.

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