Westies for Sale - Avoiding the Perils of Purebred Puppy Purchases

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Inrepparttar purebred West Highland Terrier puppy market, there are few rules or laws governing who may breed dogs, and then advertise Westies for sale. Both ancestry andrepparttar 146768 breeding environment will affectrepparttar 146769 quality ofrepparttar 146770 Westies offered for sale, and some breeders are a lot less careful about these details than others.

Never buyrepparttar 146771 first Westie you find, fromrepparttar 146772 first breeder you come across advertising Westies for sale. Takerepparttar 146773 time to learn about bothrepparttar 146774 breed andrepparttar 146775 breeder to avoid an expensive mistake, andrepparttar 146776 heart-breaking loss of a dog due to health problems.

Because ofrepparttar 146777 inbreeding required to produce specific size, shape, talents, and coats, all pure breeds are prone to genetic defects. Westies offered for sale inrepparttar 146778 purebred market are no different.

First educate yourself aboutrepparttar 146779 health problems that often occur in Westies, and then be prepared to questionrepparttar 146780 sellers aboutrepparttar 146781 steps they have taken to avoid them. Westies for sale from a conscientious breeder will come with clear records of their ancestry up to three to four generations, and will often have undergone genetic testing to find possible defects.

'Backyard Breeders' are individuals who purchase Westies withrepparttar 146782 plan to breed them at home, and then offer Westie puppies for sale to offset their expenses. 'Puppy Mills' breed their dogs withrepparttar 146783 goal of having each bitch produce as many Westies for sale inrepparttar 146784 least possible amount of time.

Neither type of breeder is likely to know or care aboutrepparttar 146785 eventual health ofrepparttar 146786 dogs they offer for sale. The Westies for sale at pet stores, or other retail establishments, usually come from one of these sources. All three should be avoided. There are home breeders who are avid hobbyists, and are conscientious aboutrepparttar 146787 dogs they breed. There are also respectable kennels that ensure thatrepparttar 146788 Westies they offer are well cared-for. Westies for sale from these sources are what you are looking for.

Westies Dogs - Footcare Health Tips

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Westies dogsí owners delight inrepparttar companionship their dogs give them during long and leisurely walks. But this activity should be one that brings pleasure to both.

How can you ensure that your dog also enjoys these activities?

First, youíll need to get your dog accustomed to having his paws handled and manipulated.

These are important Westie health issues that come underrepparttar 146745 grooming umbrealla.

When your dog is tolerant of such treatment it would be easier for both you andrepparttar 146746 veterinarian to carefully scrutinize your dog if there are cuts or bruises on, in and around his paws.

Where should these foot exams take place? Pick a spot thatís comfortable for both of you, and is atrepparttar 146747 same time well-lit. Hereís how to do it. Putrepparttar 146748 dogís paw in your hand. Run your finger around every pad. If you feel lumps, examine it closely to find out what it is.

Keep a pair of tweezers handy, to pull out bits of twig that may be stuck.

Ifrepparttar 146749 skin is broken, put anti-bacterial ointment or powder onrepparttar 146750 sore. Checkrepparttar 146751 next day to ensure it heals completely.Refrain from taking a walk with your dog inrepparttar 146752 next couple of days, untilrepparttar 146753 healing is completed.

Hereís what you should do if you find a lump in one foot thatís not present inrepparttar 146754 other foot. Get your dog torepparttar 146755 vet. He or she may have an abscess or an interdigital cyst.

Examine and trimrepparttar 146756 paws regularly.

Regularly trim allrepparttar 146757 hair thatís out from betweenrepparttar 146758 pads. Donít trim it too tight. If you see a matt of hair sticking out, cut it. Donít strip or pullrepparttar 146759 hairs. Itís painful for your dog.

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