Westie Pups - Tips for Success in Housetraining

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Perhapsrepparttar best way to train your westie pups not to relieve themselves in your house is to never letrepparttar 146723 behavior start inrepparttar 146724 first place. Learning to anticipate your westie puppies need to 'go' takes time, and extra attention to your pups when they are small, but it should makerepparttar 146725 learning process less stressful for everyone.

First you need to acceptrepparttar 146726 fact that accidents will happen. Westie puppies under three or four months of age have very little bladder control, and do not realize they have to urinate until they are doing it. There are times ofrepparttar 146727 day, though, when you can predict that your westie pups will relieve themselves.

By taking them outside in advance of these times, keeping them there until they are done, and then praising them soundly afterward, you are setting up situations in which your westie pups will succeed.

Your west highland terrier puppies will need to urinate immediately after waking up inrepparttar 146728 morning, or after a nap. If your westie pups start to go before you can get them outside, make a startling, but not frightening noise to try to stop them. Then take your westie pups to their potty place, and if they finish there, give them praise.

It is much easier to predict when your westie pups are about to go to sleep. This is another time when they need to relieve themselves. Also, pups have an automatic reflex to relieve themselves within one-half to one hour after eating.

Establish a routine for your westie pups of regular eating, play, and potty times throughoutrepparttar 146729 day. There are other signs of when they need to be taken to their potty place -repparttar 146730 pups will become restless, sniffing and circling around as they instinctually try to find a place that has been used before.

West Highland WhiteTerrier Grooming - Key Considerations

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Whether you intend to show your Westie, or keep him for a household pet,repparttar first key to West Highland Terrier grooming is to start while he is a puppy.

Take your Westie to his first groomer appointment after he has had all of his shots, at approximately 14 weeks. Acclimate your dog torepparttar 146722 grooming process, and he will grow to accept it as part of his natural routine. If you intend to groom your dog at home, give him his first clipping at aroundrepparttar 146723 same age.

West Highland Terrier grooming, whether performed at home or by a groomer, should be performed withrepparttar 146724 dog's safety and comfort asrepparttar 146725 first considerations. Be aware ofrepparttar 146726 practices used by your groomer, and be sure to remain with your dog until you are convinced that he is safe.

Contact your local Westie Club to find a reputable groomer. If you intend to show your dog, you will want to be sure that your groomer knows what a Westie cut looks like.

It is not unusual for owners to find that their Westie has come home from a grooming looking like a Schnauzer or a Scottish Terrier. If you are uncertain, bring photographs to your first groomer visit.

Although you might think that, after safety, your first consideration is price, how to groom your Westie is your next decision. A show dog must be hand stripped to giverepparttar 146727 dog its Westie look - round head, carrot-shaped tail, and blended skirt.

Hand stripping involves actually pulling hairs. When they grow back, they tend to be straighter and coarser. Many claim that a hand stripped Westie coat sheds dirt, allowingrepparttar 146728 dog to go longer between baths.

Hand stripping is not necessary for a Westie that is kept as a pet, and a regular clipping from your groomer, or at home, is all that your dog needs. A clipped Westie coat will be softer and curlier, and more prone to staining.

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