Westie Puppies For Sale – 7 Important Questions To Ask Your West Highland Terrier Breeder

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind onrepparttar breed you want, which is a cute westie puppies for sale. The next step to take is finding a responsible breeder.

You can do that fromrepparttar 146716 parent club website or even at a Westie show. Local club Breeder Referral Officers may be able to help you find a breeder in your area. Find out if they are AKC registered or whatever association is relevant for your country.

Responsible breeders always breed to improverepparttar 146717 health ofrepparttar 146718 breed, not just to create a product for re-sale. They know their stock, study pedigrees and do extensive health screening. They will kindly answer your questions and help you with a lot of advice and useful information.

You should visit in personrepparttar 146719 facilities whererepparttar 146720 puppy or pups were raised, as this will play a role inrepparttar 146721 future health and personality of your Westie. You should also see at least one ofrepparttar 146722 parents and some ofrepparttar 146723 littermates.

A responsible breeder should also provide a contract with health guarantees and papers for registering your puppy. Breeders of West Highland Terriers can be found worldwide; from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. From states such as Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

A growing list of breeders can be found atrepparttar 146724 forum at: http://www.crazyaboutwesties.com/forum/index.php

Breeders strive to produce happy and healthy puppies, which are destined for placement in special, loving homes. Puppys are typically vet checked twice before placement into a new home. Breeders’ expertise enables them to avoid skin disorders and any other genetic problems in their lines. They can also instruct you onrepparttar 146725 dos and don'ts with your Westie.

Worst choices when buying a Westie are Westie hops or dealers, as they usually look for a high profit and invest little inrepparttar 146726 actual breeding and care ofrepparttar 146727 puppies. Also avoid backyard breeders whose only goal is to produce puppies and sell them quickly.

Westies Dogs – Please Consider Adopting an Older Westie Dog

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Everybody loves a baby animal and Westie puppies are adorable, but new dog purchasers often do not realizerepparttar commitment they are making when they bring a puppy home.

For those wantrepparttar 146715 companionship of Westies dogs, but do not haverepparttar 146716 knowledge or patience to endurerepparttar 146717 training process, rescuing an older Westie dog may berepparttar 146718 right alternative.

When considering an older West highland terrier dog,repparttar 146719 first thing that many people think is that they would be getting a dog with problems, either genetic problems common to Westies, or behavioral problems from improper training.

The truth is, many Westie dogs go to shelters for reasons that have nothing to do withrepparttar 146720 dogs' inherent qualities. Every year, dog owners die, move to retirement homes, change jobs, get divorced, have new babies, or, unfortunately, simply tire ofrepparttar 146721 responsibility of caring for a dog.

The advantages of older dogs are many. They have already finished teething, and no longer feelrepparttar 146722 urge to chew holes in your shoes, rugs, and furniture. Westie dogs that are older have grown used to sleeping throughrepparttar 146723 night while their people sleep, as opposed to westie puppies, who wake up and whine.

Older pets will have already been housetrained and also should knowrepparttar 146724 meaning ofrepparttar 146725 word 'no,' making their continued training that much easier.

When you encounter a Westie puppy, you only haverepparttar 146726 breed standards to give you an idea of what kind of dog it will grow into. Although Westhighland dogs have a typical personality type, there are variations from dog to dog. The full-grown Westie is a know quantity. The Westie dog you meet is what you will get, and you can quickly determine if it will fit into your home.

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